The Certificate in Public Policy and Management consists of five fully online courses that are designed to build the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to excel in professional roles and advance careers in public administration, the not-for-profit sector, health administration, government relations, and more. 

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Courses can be taken individually. Successful completion of all five courses is required in order to be awarded the Certificate.

What You Will Learn

The learning objectives of the Certificate in Public Policy and Management are:

  • Examine and understand the organisational dimensions of governance and public management as they pertain to the Canadian parliamentary system within the framework and context of federalism.
  • Understand the policymaking process and the role of financial accounting and accountability within the context of the policy process.
  • Examine theories and leadership frameworks within the public sector, as well as the components for highly effective leadership.
  • Gain an understanding of how to foster high integrity organisations through ethical leadership.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how digital technologies and the internet are transforming government and governance, both administratively and democratically.
  • Examine human resource management within the public sector, and understand concepts of diversity, inclusion and equity within the context of human resources.

Course Content

Each course in the program is seven (7) weeks in length. Participants can expect to spend approximately three (3) hours per week on their studies. To enrol in the certificate program, all five (5) of the below required courses need to be added to your shopping cart. Each course contains supplementary materials for participants who have an interest in deeper exploration of weekly topics.


Enrolment is open to all applicants who possess a minimum of a two-year post-secondary diploma, and/or a four-year equivalent degree from a university recognized by the Senate of Dalhousie University.

Program Delivery

The program is delivered through the flexibility and convenience of Dalhousie's enriched and engaging online learning platform (BrightSpace). Courses include weekly group activities, live streaming lectures and project work. Course delivery is designed to provide maximum benefit and flexibility through distance study.

Course Materials: all course materials are made available through the BrightSpace learning platform and are included in the course fees.

Certificate Requirements

All five (5) courses must be successfully completed in order to receive the Certificate in Public Policy and Management. All five (5) courses must be completed within three years of your program start date.


Courses are offered in the same sequence each year, from early September to early June. Courses can be taken in any order.


  • Dr. Lori Turnbull, Director, Dalhousie School of Public Administration
  • Dr. Markus Sharaput, Senior Instructor and Graduate Coordinator, Dalhousie School of Public Administration
  • Bruce Hennebury, MPA, CPA, Instructor, Dalhousie School of Public Administration
  • Dr. Jeffrey Roy, Professor, Dalhousie School of Public Administration<
  • Dr. Sandra Toze, Director, Dalhousie School of Information Management
  • Sylvia Holz, MPA Management, Instructor, Dalhousie School of Public Administration
  • Dr. Martine Durier-Copp, Academic Dean, NSCAD University, Instructor, Dalhousie School of Public Administration

Payment Plan Option

Pay As You Go: On request, we can invoice you in four separate equal payments as per the below schedule. Contact the Program Coordinator at 902-494-2531 or for details.

  • Payment One: $868.75 upon registration
  • Payment Two: $868.75 due by the end of Course 2, Week 2
  • Payment Three: $868.75 due by the end of Course 3, Week 1
  • Payment Four: $868.75 due by the end of Course 4, Week 1

Withdrawal Policy


20 business days prior to the program start date

You pay $0.00 (100% return)

Late withdrawal

Within 20 business days of the program start date

You pay $868.75 (25% return)


On or after the program start date

You pay $3,475.00
(0% return)










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Minimum Required

5 Course(s)

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