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Over the past two decades, the word ‘agile’ has become synonymous with ‘project management,’ especially in the context of software development.  The ability to be flexible when designing software allows for feedback to be incorporated as the software is being built.  This philosophy of being agile may not be something you equate with communication, but you should.  Every aspect of today’s working world is constantly in flux.  So, developing agility in communication is a competency that is becoming extremely relevant. This certificate addresses how you can stay on top of the rate of change in our workplaces.

New technologies influence how we communicate and has resulted in an increasing loss of the ability to simply talk to colleagues when required. The development of the ‘gig economy’ which most millennials live within, has resulted in frequent changes in colleagues, their communication styles and preferences.  This can include new colleagues of different generations or cultural backgrounds, due to increased immigration.  This increases the need to be able to communicate successfully with people of different generations and/or cultures. It also requires the ability to manage and collaborate with these people virtually as remote working becomes more the norm.

Digital literacy is now a key competency that employers expect employees to possess.  Using the vast amounts of data now available in our decision making is taken for granted, but do you understand how it all works?  Are the terms data mining, blockchain, AI or IoT meaningless to you?  If so, it’s time you understand what they mean and how they work. 

Another aspect of being agile as a communicator is embracing the concept of continuous improvement. Never settling for the status quo and always striving to improve your own skills.  This includes becoming aware of your own values, judgements, reactions to stress or difficult situations.  If becoming a leader is one of your goals, the best way to get there is to learn about yourself first.  How you manage your time, meetings, presentations, writing and develop your own personal brand are all aspects of continuous improvement and learning about yourself. 

This certificate is designed to give you choice in what you want to learn while remaining agile and relevant for communication in today’s working climate.  It can be completed entirely online with the completion of six courses within a two-year period.  Four courses are required and focus on literacy, communication with others and about yourself.  The remaining two courses allow you to explore other topics and will complete your Certificate in Agile Communication.

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