75.00 Hours Required
This certificate requires the successful completion of five core courses within three years of enrollment. 

The Certificate in Developing Organizational Health and Wellness Strategies is intended for those who want to design and implement wellness strategies within their organizations. We are going through unprecedented amounts of change resulting in high levels of stress that negatively impact employees and organizations. Healthy employees flourish more in life and are more productive employees. If employers are able to identify the high-risk areas within their employee populations, they can be proactive in their health plan design, creating the environment for employees to thrive, provide tools and solutions to help employees
lower those risks, and in turn lower the associated costs.

This online certificate, developed in partnership with Vendura Wellness, is firmly grounded in research and is competency-based. A survey done by Sanofi Canada (2020) found that a workplace environment that supports personal health and wellness provides dividends to both employers and employees. "A wellness culture plays an important role in attraction and retention as well as job satisfaction, which in turn drives productivity." 86% of plan members agreed that a wellness culture is an important factor in deciding on a job offer or whether to remain at an organization. 

Throughout the five courses participants will have the opportunity to build a Total Health and Wellness Strategy for their organization under the guidance of a recognized expert. 

Organizations that encourage their employees to take this certificate will show that they value the health of their employees, and as a result of the Total Health and Wellness Strategic Plan produced at the conclusion of the certificate will see the consequential benefits of having an environment that supports employees who are physically, mentally and psychologically well.

What Will You Learn? 

  • Theories about total health, wellness and resilience that go beyond the conventional ones.
  • How to evaluate and justify, through effective appraisal methods, the total health needs and wants of the organization.
  • How to formulate and write a total health and wellness strategy.
  • How to arrange, select, design, and plan the employee total health experience based on the needs and wants of the organization.
  • How to assess and interpret the results of the total health and wellness experiences.
  • How to summarize and express the value of the strategy to justify the continuation.

Who Should Take This Certificate?

  • Those in supervisory and HR positions who want to strategize and implement plans to ensure a healthier workforce with less sick days and more engagement.
  • Managers and supervisors in any organization who want to build upon their existing experience and education in supervision and HR, by learning more about the impacts physical, mental and psychological wellness of employees have on the health of the organization.
  • Graduates of HR programs who want to upskill and learn more about the fast-growing field of health and wellness. 
  • Consultants in the health and wellness field.
  • Anyone interested in or already working in health promotions.

How Will You Benefit? 

The Certificate in Developing Organizational Health and Wellness Strategies can help you:

  • Reduce health-related liability risks for your organization.
  • Increase attraction and retention of employees.
  • Align your health and wellness plans with the 13 psychological risk factors outlined in The Canadian Standards Association (2013), a national standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace.
  • Strategize and implement plans to ensure a healthier workforce, physically and mentally, with fewer sick days and more engagement.
  • Create a custom approach to an organization's unique needs.
  • Create a return, and value, on the organization's investment.

Fees & Schedule

Those wanting to take the Certificate in Developing Organizational Health and Wellness Strategies will need to register for each of the five required courses. The total cost of registering for all five courses in this certificate is $3975. 

Courses have specific start and end dates, but participants can watch the videos, and complete the readings and activities independently in advance of the weekly one-hour live facilitated sessions.

The courses in the Certificate in Developing Organizational Health and Wellness Strategies are designed to build upon each other, so at the end of the five courses, learners will have an actionable strategy. It is recommended that learners start with either the Theory of Total Health and Wellness or Developing a Game Plan for a Total Health and Wellness Strategy, followed by the last three courses taken in the following order:

  • Key Components in a Total Health and Wellness Plan
  • Building and Buy-In for Your Total Health and Wellness Plan
  • Appraising Your Total Health and Wellness Plan

See each course description for the current schedule.

For assistance or more information, please contact openlearning@dal.ca.

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