3 Courses Required 108.00 Hours Required

The National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration is offered fully online, with three required courses.

Who Should Take This Certificate?

This advanced certificate program requires the completion of a first level certificate or equivalent. The certificate places greater emphasis on leadership and decision making and is intended for local government employees who wish to develop or enhance leadership capabilities..

While courses are discrete, students will be encouraged to draw from many sources. Students will be expected to engage in a more rigorous experience which will include, among other things, the expectation for independent research and critical thinking.

Certificate Requirements

This certificate program consists of three (3) courses over 108 hours:

  • OLCD-LGOV0020 Sustainable Communities
  • OLCD-LGOV0019 Policy Planning and Program Evaluation
  • OLCD-LGOV0010 Citizen Engagement and Consultation: Purpose and Possibilities

This is only a suggested sequence of courses; courses can be completed in any order. The certificate can be completed in under two years, depending upon how many courses you take each term and year.

Fees and Schedule

See each course for the applicable tuition fee. Courses start in September, January and April. Each course is offered at least once a year. All courses are 12 weeks long and require a minimum of 36 hours of learning engagement.

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Minimum Required

108 Hour(s)

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