114.00 Hours Required
This certificate requires the successful completion of 3 core courses and 2 elective courses within 3 years of enrollment.

The Certificate in Professional Communications will teach you how to communicate complex ideas clearly with finesse and confidence. Required courses include understanding different worldviews, intercultural/intergenerational communication, communicating effectively in a virtual environment from making presentations to managing meetings, and navigating the politics of hybrid environments to develop your network.

Electives are focused on writing and are designed to help improve your grammar and ability to write effectively to your audience. With workplaces today becoming increasingly intercultural, you must know how to simplify your language as you convey your message.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to work with and appreciate those from different cultures and generations
  • The options available for virtual work and how to use them successfully
  • How to present and manage meetings virtually
  • How to write in an influential style to promote your work

How Will You Benefit?

This certificate can help you:

  • communicate effectively in writing and verbally in both virtual and in-person environments for today's workplace
  • build trusted networks of trusted colleagues that support your efforts in a hybrid workplace
  • choose the most effective communication methods for hybrid work in order to ensure the most positive impact

Who Should Take This Certificate?

  • Anyone working in a hybrid environment
  • Anyone wishing to learn more about interpersonal communication with people from different cultures and generations
  • Anyone interested in improving their writing and virtual presentation skills
  • Anyone seeking to build networks in a hybrid work environment
  • Anyone uncertain about navigating hybrid workplace politics and relationships

Fees & Schedule

The total cost to complete this certificate is $3,425.00.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate is awarded after the completion of five courses (three core and two electives), including all quizzes, assignments, and exams. This represents approximately 96 hours of training. This includes online sessions, home study, assignments, and exam preparation. The participants must attain a minimum of 65% for each course and an aggregate average of at least 75% in the program.

For assistance or more information, please contact openlearning@dal.ca.

Additional Details


Minimum Required

78 Hour(s)

Certificate requires completion of all 3 core courses
Minimum Required

36 Hour(s)

Certificate requires completion of 2 elective courses
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