Course Description

This Change Management course will prepare you to challenge two certification programs available through APMG International. It will provide practical knowledge on change management techniques, as well as the Foundation™ and Practitioner™ certifications (two exams and two certifications both included in the cost). In order to obtain your Change Management Professional (CMP) designation, you must successfully pass both exams.

The course consists of eight half-day online sessions. Each session includes two scheduled breaks (including a fifteen-minute break each hour) The sessions include interactive discussions, activities, and practice quizzes throughout to keep the program engaging and ensure you are ready for the APMG International exams.

Participants will receive access to an electronic (PDF) copy of the course workbook to review and annotate. Web browser and audio capabilities including microphone are required. There is a required textbook for pre-reading which should be ordered from Amazon and read before the first session.

Change Management Foundation™

You will examine various Change Management techniques and models that can be effectively implemented within your organization. This structured approach will help you understand how to navigate change as an individual, as a member of a team/organization, and as a leader. You will prepare to complete the APMG International Change Management Foundation™ exam.

Change Management Practitioner™

You will explore the application of various Change Management techniques in different contexts. There will be a focus on understanding how to apply and tailor change management guidance in a given organizational change situation. How Change Management fits into the Project Management environment will be explained. You will prepare for the APMG International Change Management Practitioner™ exam.

It is strongly recommended that participants acquire an understanding of the change management concept by a full pre-reading of The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook.1-2 hours of study per day is recommended between sessions, with additional study needed before each of the exams. The Foundation™ exam must be passed before you are permitted to attempt the Practitioner™ exam.

Course Outline


  • Introductions and Objectives
  • The Change Management Context
  • Learning and the individual:
    • Learning process and styles
    • Learning dip
  • Change and the Individual
    • Models of individual change
    • Motivation
    • Individual differences
    • Change and the Organization
    • Metaphors of organizations
    • Organization culture and change
    • Models of change
    • Key roles in organizational change
    • Drivers of change
    • Developing vision
  • Stakeholder strategy
    • Principles
    • Identifying and segmenting stakeholders
    • Personas and empathy maps
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Influencing strategies
  • Communication and engagement
    • Communications biases
    • Feedback and communications approaches
    • Communicating change – factors, barriers and approaches
    • Communications channels (Push-Pull & Lean-Rich)
    • Planning communications
  • Change impact
    • Identifying and assessing change impact
    • Stakeholder impact assessment
    • Change severity assessment
  • Change Readiness
    • Motivation to change
    • Supporting individuals:
      • Change agent networks
      • Building organizational change readiness
      • Building the change team
      • Change management plan
      • Preparing for resistance
  • Foundation Exam practice, revision and mentoring


  • What is a Practitioner?
  • Project Management for Change Management
  • Sustaining Change:
    • Change levers
    • Levels of adoption
    • Reinforcing systems
  • Practitioner Exam practice, revision and mentoring

What You Will Learn

This course will provide participants with an advanced understanding of:

  • The human side of change and helping people and organizations deal more effectively with change
  • Various types and effects of change
  • Bringing a range of techniques and approaches to support the effective delivery of the organization’s desired outcomes, including key stakeholder engagement
  • Developing effective change teams
  • Recognizing and addressing resistance to change
  • Sustaining change by making it “stick”

Recommended For

The program is ideal for people who:

  • Would like to achieve the Change Management Foundation™ and Change Management Practitioner™ certifications
  • Are responsible for leading, managing, and/or supporting change initiatives
  • Are impacted by change in their work or personal lives
  • Work in organizations where a change initiative is being planned or is taking place
  • Are interested in or desire to understand how to manage change
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Change Management Foundation Plus Practitioner (CMP) Certification
Online - Scheduled
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
2:00PM to 5:30PM
Nov 20, 2023 to Dec 07, 2023
Schedule and Location
Total Learning Hours
  • Online Campus - Atlantic Time
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Tuition Fee non-credit $2,850.00
Reading List / Textbook
Participants are required to purchase The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook: Essential Guidance to the Change Management Body of Knowledge by APMG (Author), Richard Smith (Editor), David King (Editor), Ranjit Sidhu (Editor), Dan Skelsey (Editor) for pre-course reading. Available through Amazon.
Section Notes

November 20 – 24 Course

November 27 – CMF exam

December 4 – 6 Course

December 7 – CMP exam

2:00 - 5:30 PM AST

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