Course Description

This course is part of the Experienced Leaders Strategic Leadership in Health certificate program.  To enrol please add all five (5) required courses to your shopping cart. Please contact execed@dal.ca  if you have inquires on registering for the individual course.

This course involves 6 learner hours inclusive of 2 live sessions over 2 weeks. Live sessions will be recorded for those who have time conflicts.

This course directly engages the issues and challenges of leading responsibly by facilitating the ability to think deeply about leadership problems and developing the reflection skills needed to succeed at making the right decision “in the moment.” Participants learn to source valuable peer input into common leadership issues and use this collaborative input to build more effective, trusting work relationships and leadership support systems that drive organizational success.

Course Outline

Participants with experience as managers and leaders are introduced to the concept of transformational leadership at a level suited to their experience. Using leadership assessments such as LEADS Self-Assessment, LEADS 360, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and MLQ (Measurement of Transformational and Transactional Leadership), we will guide individuals to understand their current leadership abilities vis-a-vis the perception of others

What You Will Learn

Individual Education Plan: The leadership assessments will enable participants to establish a current benchmark, define their own leadership style and form the basis for self-development through an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), which will serve as a guide for reaching their desired leadership identity, behaviours, attitudes, skills and competencies.


For further information on the Health Sector Leadership programs, visit dal.ca/ExecEd.

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

  • Experienced Leaders Strategic Leadership in Health Certificate: Required Courses

Payment Options – Individual Course Registrations:

  1. Payment in full of $750.00 (which includes deposit/materials fee)
  2. Payment is due at time of registration, unless 3rd Party funded
  3. All course materials are included in your tuition and are housed on the Brightspace Learning Management System. You will receive a follow-up email with details on accessing the Brightspace platform.

Participants in this course are eligible for a T2202 tax receipt. In order to receive a tax receipt, you must put your Social Insurance Number into the profile section of your student account. If you do not add your Social Insurance Number, you will not receive a tax receipt. T2202 tax receipts will be available for you to download from your account at the end of February of the following calendar year.

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Recommended For

For leaders with more than three (3) years of management/supervisory experience.

The Experienced Leaders program is custom-designed to build the skills and abilities of mid-career healthcare leaders who are seeking to move into senior positions in their organizations. At this critical juncture in their career trajectories, experienced leaders will gain the opportunity to build on their mastery of general management principles to become more strategic in their decision-making, change leadership, and stakeholder engagement activities. 

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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