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This is the third module in the Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers Certificate Program. It is 100% Online.

Course Outline

11 - Power Generation

Single Phase AC Power
Three Phase AC Power
Fossil Generation
Hydraulic Generation
Nuclear Generation
Wind Generation
Solar Generation
Other Renewal Energy (Geothermal, Biomass, Tidal)
Additional Notes
(Chapter 4)

12 - Transmission

High Voltage (HV) and Extra High (EHV) Transmission
Transformer Stations
Switchgears and Other Equipment
Transmission Lines, Towers and Insulators
Line Voltage
Line Frequency
Line Losses
Grid Interconnection
Grid Stability
Grid Reliability
Electrical Faults and Tripping
Additional Notes
(Chapter 4, 8)

13 - Distribution

Medium Voltage Distribution
Low Voltage Distribution
Distribution Stations
Switchgear and Other Equipment
Distribution Lines, Poles, Insulators and Cables
Relaying and Protection
Electrical Faults, Tripping and Power Outage
Cabling and Wiring Cabling and Wiring
Additional Notes
(Chapter 8)

14 - Electrical and Control Drawings

Electrical Drawings
On-Line Schematic Diagram
Current Carrying Conductor Size
Conduits and Conduit Size
Overload Protection Setting
Starter Size
Overcurrent Protection Fuse Size
Fusible Disconnect Switch
Wiring Diagram
Input Control Diagram
Output Control Diagram
Relay Ladder Logic
Cable Block Diagram
Computer Wiring Program
Additional Notes
(Chapter 10)

15 - Energy Consumption

Power Factor
Lagging Power Factor
Lagging Power Factor from Inductive Impedance
Leading Power Factor from Capacitive Impedance
Power Factor Correction
Electrical Demand
Peak Demand
Load Factor
Service Factor
Electrical Power Bill
Energy Cost and Savings
Additional Notes
(Chapter 5, 6, 11)
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Electrical Power Systems (Module III)
Oct 15, 2020 to Nov 26, 2020
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