Course Description

You want to make some information available on the Internet. To do this, you might want to design and build a website and upload it. The features and functions in Dreamweaver CS6 will enable you create a web page to suit your requirements; this course will show you how.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify basic web design concepts and customize the interface
  • build a website
  • design web pages
  • create reuseable site assets
  • work with different types of links
  • upload a website


Potential students should have an understanding of how to use Microsoft Windows XP or higher, including creating folders, launching programs, and saving documents. Familiarity with the Internet is also required.

Course Outline

Getting Started

  • The Internet and website planning
  • Setting up your workspace
  • The Document window
  • The Property inspector
  • Previewing a web page

Websites and Pages

  • Planning a website
  • Setting up a site
  • Creating web pages
  • Exploring website files
  • Managing site files

Basic Editing

  • Inserting and importing text
  • Using special characters
  • Adding structure
  • Inserting line breaks
  • Creating lists

CSS Basics

  • Overview of style sheets
  • External style sheets
  • Creating styles
  • Cascade effect

Images, Multimedia and Links

  • Working with images
  • Editing images
  • Adding Flash
  • Examining links
  • Adding links

Code Basics

  • Discussing code basics
  • Exploring head elements
  • Selecting code
  • Inserting code
  • Editing code
  • Using Find and Replace


  • Performing pre-publishing checks
  • Specifying site connections
  • Transferring files


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