Course Description

To provide a forum where contractors, owners, manufacturers, consulting engineers can understand the practical side of Canadian Construction Industry from each other's perspective for the general benefit of the construction industry.

The Canadian construction industry is a global, dynamic and innovative industry that delivers buildings and infrastructure for all aspects of commercial and domestic activity. This dynamic and innovative industry is faced with challenges on a project by project and day to day basis. Understanding the methodologies of Canadian Construction Industry is therefore a key aspect of practicing professionals involved with the construction industry.

Sharpen your construction management skills with this two-day interactive training seminar, which addresses the complexity of the construction industry in Canada by showing how various stakeholders-owners, contractors, engineers, manufacturers and many more service providers fit into the industry whether the projects are related to “Oil & Gas,” “Sewage & Water Treatment,” “Transmission Lines,” “Schools & Hospitals,” “Multi-family Units” and more.

The primary goal of this seminar is to focus on procedures, laws and processes related construction industry in Canada. This seminar will also familiarize you with the several of the important directives developed by the “Canadian Construction Association.” An analysis of CCDC-22 will be presented and participants will have hands-on exposure through workshops related to commercial conditions, tendering processes and templates.

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn how to interpret clauses, and analyse related to the construction industry contracts, and get the project completed on time and within budget.
  • Develop the ability and confidence to understand best practices will make you realize that how it can make a real impact on your organization’s vision and goals.
  • Discover how to optimize tender and contract performance and results in today’s tough, competitive environment.
  • Create win-win situations and develop workable plans, and translate them into expedient action.
  • Enhance your knowledge of the contract management process including contract legality and constructability.
  • Improve your skills in dealing with changes.

Who Should Attend

Contractors, engineers, owners, field administrators, project managers, consulting engineers, construction inspectors, manufacturers, government agencies. This seminar will also be interest to anyone seeking a better understanding of some of the most popular tools used in contracting world today.   

You Will Receive

Each participant will receive a complete set of course notes and handouts that will serve as informative references.

Course Outline

Construction Methodology-Part I
Section 1.0 Introduction to Construction Industry in Canada
Section 2.0 Construction Documents
Section 3.0 Tender, Bidding & Award of Contract

Construction Methodology-Part II
Section 4.0 Format of Contracts
Section 5.0 Legal Matters
Section 6.0 Risk Management

Construction Methodology-Part III
Section 7.0 Project Management & Administration

Complete Cycle of a Project
Section 1.0 Concept
Section 2.0 Discussion

Prequalification Process

CCDC 22-Stipulated Price Contract
Section 1.0 General Conditions (GC 1.1 to 1.4)
Section 2.0 Administration-Consultant (GC 2.1 to 2.4)
Section 3.0 Execution of the Work (GC 3.1 to 3.14)
Section 4.0 Allowances (GC 4.1 to 4.2)
Section 5.0 Payment (GC 5.1 to 5.9)
Section 6.0 Changes in the Work (GC 6.1 to 6.5)
Section 7.0 Default Notice (GC 7.1 to 7.2)
Section 8.0 Dispute Resolution (GC 8.1 to 8.3)
Section 9.0 Protection of Persons and Property (GC 9.1 to 9.3)
Section 10.0 Governance Regulations (GC (10.1 to 10.4)
Section 11.0 Insurance Bond (GC 11.1 to 11.2)
Section 12.0 Indemnification-Waiver & Warranty (GC 12.1 to 12.3)

CCDC 22-Surety Bonds
Section 1.0 Purpose
Section 2.0 Forms
Section 3.0 Functions
Section 4.0 Bid Bonds
Section 5.0 Performance Bonds
Section 6.0 Labour & Material Bond
Section 7.0 GC denies Default
Section 8.0 Obligation of the Obligee
Section 9.0 Changes in the Contract
Section 10.0 Executing & Sealing of Bonds
Section 11.0 How Bonds are underwritten
Section 12.0 Third Party Indemnitors
Section 13.0 Bond Premiums
Section 14.0 Other Forms of Bonds
Section 15.0 Construction Surety Bond

How to Manage Risk
Section 1.0 Process
Section 2.0 Identify Potential Risks                

Workshop 01
Construction Safety

Workshop 02
Court Case - 001

Appendix A
Invitation to Tender - Template

Appendix B
Instructions to Tenderers - Template

Appendix C
Form of Tender - Template

Appendix D
General Commercial Conditions (GCC)

Appendix E
OHSA Guidelines

Seminar Leader

Rishi Kumar, M.Sc. Eng., PEng., PMP, CMC, GSC, FEC, is a President and CEO of Global Educational and Consulting Services (GECS) and is an approved education provider by the Engineering Institute of Canada, (EIC) and International Association of Continuing Education and Training, Washington, DC (IACET). Rishi obtained his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering in 1976 from University of Calgary, Alberta. Since 1976, he has held many senior positions in utility, auto industry, research & development, services, manufacturing and consulting sectors in project, program and portfolio management of various capital projects. Since 1996, he conducted 500+ public and in-house seminars all over the globe through various universities, construction associations and other professional organizations and published/presented 25+ technical, business and management papers in various publications/conferences throughout the globe.

Mr. Kumar is a licensed professional engineer (PEng.) in the Province of Ontario, and holds various professional certifications {Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Certified Quality Auditor}. He obtained his Gold Seal Certification (GSC) from the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) in 2011.
Mr. Kumar served as a Chair, President, Sr. Vice-President-Operations and Director-Marketing and Professional Development portfolios for PMI Lakeshore chapter and presently serving in Ethics Review Committee (ERC) of PMI Global and providing coaching and mentoring to PMI members. Mr. Kumar is actively involved since 1996 with Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and is serving in various committees and boards (Discipline, Equity & Diversity and Experience Requirements). Since 2007, Rishi is also providing coaching and mentoring services to PEO Mississauga as a Chairperson. He supports the mentorship programs offered by various non-profit organizations (CESO, Ontario Works-Peel Region, Skills for Change, ACCES Employment, DBNS and CMC) in GTA since 1994.


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