Course Description

WorkOut is a rapid, team-based problem-solving process developed by General Electric, and used by many world-class companies.

WorkOuts are used to:

  • Fix problems that frustrate employees and customers
  • Streamline and simplify business processes
  • Reduce bureaucracy, costs, defects, time-wasters, and other non-value-added activity
  • Shift an organization's focus from complaining to improving
  • Capitalize on employee knowledge using an efficient, practical process
  • Empower employees to identify, select, and implement solutions
  • Replace blame and finger-pointing with shared ownership and commitment

During a WorkOut, a group of selected employees meets for 1-2 days to systematically review a process or problem and develop targeted solutions. Low-investment/high-return solutions are recommended by employees for post-WorkOut implementation, and are presented to management for approval/modification/rejection prior to the end of the session. Typically, management chooses to implement over 90% of the recommended solutions based on their high quality and feasibility. Group members implement solutions back in the workplace, following an approved action plan and timeline, with the manager's support.

WorkOut solutions have a very high acceptance and implementation rate amongst employees due to the participatory nature of the process. Management finds that WorkOut is an effective and efficient way to resolve issues as solutions are effective, results can be achieved quickly, and a have a high degree of support and sustainability within the organization.


This workshop will provide participants with the concepts, processes, skills, and practice needed to facilitate WorkOuts within their organizations.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for people who would like to lead WorkOuts throughout their organizations. WorkOut is a flexible and powerful tool - it will benefit those working in virtually any department of any type of organization - private, public, or community-based. Line employees, union representatives, management, engineers, IT professionals and human resources personnel can all lead WorkOuts effectively. Participants should have basic facilitation or discussion-leading skills prior to registering for the workshop.

Benefits to Participants

Attending this workshop will enable you to:

  • Fix problems that frustrate employees and customers
  • Streamline business processes and reduce bureaucracy, cost, and waste
  • Shift an organization's focus to improving rather than complaining
  • Move decision-making downward
  • Empower employees to identify, select and implement solutions
  • Capitalize on employee knowledge
  • Replace blame with shared ownership and commitment

Course Outline

Day 1 - registration/check-in will start at 8:00 a.m. with sessions to begin at 8:30 a.m. and adjourn at 4:00 p.m. Day 2 will commence at 8:30 a.m. and adjourn at 4:00 p.m. There will be 15 minute mid-morning and afternoon breaks. A light lunch is included from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m.

  • Choosing and Defining a Problem
  • Assessing Whether WorkOut is the Right Tool
  • Contracting with Management
  • Participant Selection and Preparation
  • The WorkOut Process
  • Setting the Tone
  • Assessing the Problem
  • Basic Process Mapping
  • Identifying and Categorizing Barriers to Success
  • Prioritizing Barriers to Success
  • Creating Solutions
  • Assessing Solutions using a Pay-off Matrix
  • Developing Action Plans
  • Preparing to Present Solutions to Management Sponsors
  • Presenting Solutions to Management Sponsors for Implementation Decisions
  • Tips for Effective Management Sponsors
  • WorkOut Follow-up Activities
  • Addressing Other Issues Surfaced
  • Trouble Shooting

There will be frequent opportunities for practice and workplace planning throughout the workshop.

Seminar Leader

Angela Scammell, B.Sc., M.Adult Ed, has 20-years experience delivering and managing organization development and training in private, public, and academic organizations. As a GE Aircraft-trained Six Sigma Black Belt, she also has significant project management experience in technical, industrial, administrative and business process domains. Angela's company, Scammell & Associates Organization Development Consulting, assists people and processes to perform effectively through group facilitation, training, change acceleration and business process improvement. She has been a Principal Instructor in the St. F. X. University Diploma in Adult Education (Training for the Trainer) program since 1991.


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