Course Description

In today’s business environment, where global competition and constant price reduction demands from customers impact heavily on management decisions, Lean Enterprise concepts have helped companies to remain competitive, innovative, and profitable. “Lean” implementation results in enhanced cost and cycle-time reduction, customer satisfaction, and standardized high quality. This two-day course will focus on lean methods that can be used to minimize all forms of waste and maximize value for the customer.

The goal of this course is to give participants a thorough understanding of what “Lean” is all about, define and explain the tools used, and, through case studies and group exercises, show how these tools can be applied in their own work environments.

The principles and tools of “Lean” and their application are covered in detail.


This two-day course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and tools to start applying the principles of “Lean” back in their workplace. The particular learning outcomes are:

  • Understand the difference between traditional “push” and the lean “pull” systems
  • Identify typical wastes of lean and how those wastes reduce an organization’s profits, competitive edge, and customer satisfaction
  • Recognize how lean directly addresses the elimination/reduction of operating costs, cycle time, and nonvalue-added activities
  • Make better use of employees’ time and brainpower in a team environment
  • Developing a plan for starting a lean journey in your organization

Who Should Attend

Lean Enterprise projects cut through all levels of an organization. Any employee, especially supervisory or management personnel will benefit from this course. For the full commitment and participation in Lean Enterprise, an understanding of lean concepts is important for the CEO, President, Vice Presidents, functional managers or other senior management including quality and process improvement leaders.

Benefits to Participants

Upon completion of this course you will have:

  • Increased your “hands-on “ understanding of “Lean” and its relevance to reducing cost and time in your organization
  • Eased your understanding of the principles and practices of “Lean” based systems
  • Learned the tools of “Lean” and its principles and requirements
  • Learned how to use the “Lean” tools and principles and how they may be applied to your organization’s key processes
  • Benefited from the expertise and experience of a seasoned consultant, Certified “Lean” practitioner, and Quality Systems Lead Auditor

Course Outline

  • An Introduction to Lean Principles and Concepts
  • The typical “wastes” of Lean
  • “The House of Lean” an Introduction to tools and techniques
  • Change Management and Teams (the human side of Lean)
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Visual Controls & 5S Workplace Organization and Standardization
  • Streamlined Layout
  • Point-of-Use Storage
  • Standard Work
  • Batch Size Reduction
  • Quick Changeover
  • Poke-yoke, Self-inspection, and Autonomation
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Just-in-time
  • Pull System and Kanban
  • Cellular and Flow
  • Continuous Improvement and Kaizen Blitz
  • How to start and sustain your Lean Journey
  • Implementing Lean Efforts
  • Lean Enterprise vs. Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Metrics
  • Six Sigma and Lean


Kathryn Lynn MacLeod is a certified Lead Quality Auditor and is President of Anchor Professional & Training Services (APTS) Ltd. APTS is a full-service professional training and development practice servicing a diverse international client base. Kathy is an Associate with an internationally recognized Quality Registrar and acts in the capacity of ISO 9001:2015 trainer, lead assessor and market development. Kathy was instrumental in the management and development of Nova Scotia's Quality and Productivity Initiative (QPI). Her expertise lies in the areas of Quality Assurance Systems and Standards (CSA Z299/ISO 9000), Service Quality, Total Quality Management and Organizational Excellence, Productivity Improvement, Food Quality and Safety, Change Management and Organizational Cultures.

Kathy has provided hands-on advice and guidance to over 300 companies. As a certified Lead Assessor, she has assisted her clients in their achievement of registration to international standards of quality assurance and successful implementation of quality processes and philosophies. In addition to her work with ISO 9001, Kathy's management experience covers both the public and private sectors in quality and safety analysis, auditing, assessments, training, facilitation, quality and productivity studies and benchmarking.

A Certified Toastmaster, Kathy has taught public speaking and has given motivational speeches and presentations to groups and organizations on a wide variety of quality and quality related topics. She is also an instructor for Dalhousie University, College of Continuing Education, Continuing Technical Education, and is currently teaching an ISO 9001:2015 certificate program along with several other courses in quality and process improvement. Kathy is a recipient of the ASQ Harry James Quality Commitment Award.


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