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Office processes account for up to 80% of the lead-time in the manufacturing and service industries. The results of waste in the office—such as delayed response to customer orders or incorrect billing—can be costly. Eliminating office waste can help organizations achieve cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Office processes are composed of a series of individual tasks. They are usually developed over many years and contain steps that do not add value. In some cases, official processes to get things done may not even exist, leading to confusion and conflict.

A lean office is one where each process has been streamlined for maximum efficiency.  Error-proofing tools are used to minimize opportunities for mistakes to occur. The result is processes that work well for customers and employees alike, reducing frustration while increasing quality and cost-effectiveness.

Lean Office is not about cutting staff and resources. Instead, it is about optimizing employees’ efforts toward:

  • Creating value for the customer,
  • Eliminating waste, and,
  • Speeding up the operation by eliminating idle time created by paperwork and bureaucracy.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain key principles of Lean
  • Differentiate between a Lean Office and a regular office through a live simulation
  • Create a basic value stream map
  • Describe the tools of Lean Office and their applications, including:
    • Quality at the Source
    • Critical Path
    • Spaghetti Diagram
    • Standardized work
    • Work Cells
    • Flexible workforce
    • Workload Leveling
    • Continuous Flow
    • Batch Reduction/Elimination
    • Pull/Kanban
    • Pitch
    • 5S
    • Visual Controls
    • Error proofing
  • Apply a minimum of five Lean Office tools in response to a live office simulation
  • Identify metrics that support Lean Office implementation and sustainability


Learners will participate in a live office simulation. Through the use of discussion, presentations, examples, and small-group work, learners will apply Lean Office principles and tools to the simulated office to improve its operation. The workshop will be highly hands-on and interactive. Learners will be provided with a workbook containing information about each tool that will be a valuable resource for back-home application.


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