Course Description

Process Control is the second module of the Process Engineering for Control Practitioners Certificate Program or can be attended as a stand-alone course. It is 100% Online.

This course is intended for those who want to learn not only about the basics of Process Engineering but also more advanced concepts in a condensed time frame and from a practical point of view and/or for I&C practitioners who simply want to communicate technically with Process Engineering personnel. The program is designed to provide attendees with sufficient knowledge to implement I&C technology correctly. It is applicable to technical and supervisory personnel. It is presumed that participants come from a setting where they can apply the knowledge received.

Course Outline

6 - Developing the "I" Portion of P&IDs
Plant Parameters: Process Parameters vs. Non-Process Parameters
Different Levels of Process Parameters
Monitoring vs. Controlling
Locating Disturbances

7 - Application of Control Architectures
Manual Set Point vs. Remote Set Points
FB vs. FF Control and Combined
Cascade Control
Ratio (Relation) Control
Selective Control
Override Control
Split & Parallel Range Control

8 – Plant-Wide Process Control
The Objective of plant-Wide Control
Heat and Mass Balance Control
Surge Control
Dampening Gas/Vapor Flow Surge
Dampening Liquid Flow Surge
The purpose of Containers in Process Plants

9 - Unit Operation Process Control
Control for Flow Merging and Splitting
Pump Control
Compressor Control
Heat Exchanger Control
Container Control
Unit Operation or Process Unit Control

10 - SIS Loops, Discrete Control, and Alarm
SIS Actions
Discrete Control
Deciding on the Requirement for SIS Loops in a Plant
Electro-Motor Control
Risk Assessment tools; HAZOP
How to Close out a "HAZOP Recommendation"


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Process Engineering for Control Practitioners: Process Control (Module II)
Jan 22, 2020 to Mar 04, 2020
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