Course Description

This is the first module in the Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers Certificate Program. It is 100% Online.

Course Outline

Session 1 - Chemical Engineering

What is this course about?
What is chemical engineering about?
What do chemical engineers study in university and why?
Which sectors do chemical engineers work in?
Different types of Process industries
What do we need to study to learn chemical engineering quickly?
Process Plants: A tangible way to start learning chemical engineering
Process Plant Elements: Equipment, Utility Generation & Network, and Instrumentation & Control (I&C)

Session 2 - Process Industries Elements: Equipment and Pipes (Applications)

Fluid Conductors: Pipes, Tubes, Ducts
Pipe Appurtenances: Fitting and Valves
Fluid Movers: Pumps and Compressors
Containers: Tanks, Vessels
Heat Transfer Equipment: Heat Exchangers, Furnaces
Unit Operations and Unit Processes

Session 3 - Process Industries Elements: Utility

Different Utilities in Plants
Utilities Generation
Utility Distribution and Collection Networks
Permanent vs. Temporary Utility Users

Session 4 - Process Industries Elements: Instrumentation and Control

The Value of Control; and Parameters of Interest
Three Layers of Integrated Control & Safety System (ICSS): BPCS, Alarm, and SIS
Control Loop: Duty and Components
Three Main Elements of Control Loops: Control Architecture, Control Strategy, and Tuning
Primary Elements: Sensors and Meters
Final Elements: Control Valves
Safety Instrumented Function: Duty and Components
Final Elements: Switching Valves
Alarm System: Duty and Components

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