Course Description

This course is 42 learning hours. It is recommended that students spend an average of 7 hours per week on this course.

The first course in the Certificate in Industrial Data Communications looks at communication concepts including goals and definitions, then moves on to communications models such as the ISO-OSI reference model and the IEEE 802 model. The course concludes with an in-depth look at serial communications including data control, computer communications, and USB specifications (V1.0, V2.0, and V3.0).

Course Outline

Each week has a one-hour pre-recorded session with the instructor. There is a total of four hours of pre-recorded sessions in this course.

Week 1:
Communication Concepts

Week 2:
Communications Models

Week 3:
Serial Communications

Week 4:
Serial Communications (continued)

What You Will Learn

  • Data organization including signals, communicatons codes, and error detection and correction
  • Various communication models including the 5-Layer Internet Model, the 3-Layer Industrial Model, and N-tier models.
  • Industry standards including TIA 232, TIA 422, and TIA 485
  • SATA and SCSI connections


By enrolling in this course, you will be automatically enrolled in the Certificate in Industrial Data Communications.

Recommended For

  • Automation Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Technologists interested in the numerous networked systems through the industry
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