Course Description

Processes, Controllers, and Tuning is the first module of the Certificate in Advanced Process Control.  The module can be taken as a stand-alone course but to complete the Certificate, it is highly recommended that participants attend the modules in sequential order.

Session 0 - Introductory Session

The first session is an introductory session during which the course format will be explained, and general questions answered. It is recommended that all students be present online at this session.

Session 1 - Introduction to Process Control

The control loop and feedback control
Continuous versus discrete control
Cascade and feedforward control
Process types: self regulating, integrating
Practical aspects of step testing

Session 2 - Process Characteristics

Characteristics of self-regulating processes
Impact of dead time on loop response
Characteristics of integrating processes
Impact of dead time on loop response
Process variable filtering

Session 3 - Control Modes and Controller Settings

Proportional Control
Integral Control
Derivative Control
When to use derivative
Units of measure of tuning settings

Session 4 - Controller Algorithms and Options

Direct- or reverse-acting controllers
Controller algorithms
Controller modes and set point changes
Set point filtering
Gap control
Error-squared control
Controller scan interval

Session 5 - Controller Tuning - I

The basic tuning philosophy
Tuning objectives
Robustness and speed of response
Ziegler-Nichols tuning rules for self-regulating processes
Cohen-Coon tuning rules
Lambda tuning rules

Session 6 - Controller Tuning - II

Tuning rules for dead-time dominant processes
Tuning rules for integrating processes
Tuning rules for surge-tank level control
Ziegler-Nichols closed loop tuning
When to use which tuning rule
Tuning guidelines and fine-tuning
Computer-assisted tuning

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