Course Description

Loop Performance Assessment and Troubleshooting is the second module of the Certificate in Advanced Process Control. The module can be taken as a stand-alone course but to complete the Certificate, it is highly recommended that participants attend the modules in sequential order.

Course Outline

Session 1 -  Assessing Control Loop Performance

Detecting poor loop performance
Statistical analyses
The Harris index
Oscillation detection
Event analysis
Overall loop health
Key performance indicators

Session 2 - Control Valve and Instrumentation Problems

Measurement problems
Valve hysteresis / dead band
Valve stiction
Valve sizing
Control valve flow characteristics
Positioner overshoot

Session 3 - Process Nonlinearity

Sources of nonlinearity
Linearization with a characterizer
Gain scheduling
Scheduling other controller settings

Session 4 - Diagnosing Performance Issues

Sources of poor control
Disturbances and noise
Sluggish performance
Intermittent problems

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Section Title
Loop Performance Assessment & Troubleshooting (Module II)
Aug 07, 2019 to Sep 11, 2019
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Fee non-credit $1,195.00
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