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Courses start three times per year, October 1, November 15th and February 1st.  Registration deadlines are one week before the course is set to start.  

Learn and share

Get together with other gardeners who share a passion for horticulture and are dedicated to learning and growing their knowledge to share with their community.  

This online Master Gardener training program caters to participants who have a passion for gardening, wanting to expand their knowledge in the horticulture field, or wanting to become a Master Gardener!  

The training program consists of four independent-study classes available online.  Participants have the opportunity to take one course or all courses over a three year period.  

Instructor Colleen Tanner - Check out more about the instructor and the program. 

A passion for gardening

Master Gardener organizations are a network of associations throughout North America who share a passion for gardening.

Volunteers dedicated to providing horticultural information to the public run these not-for-profit organizations.

Check out the Master Gardener Association of Alberta for requirements on becoming a Master Gardener!


There are a total of four courses within this certificate.  Each course is $446.00.  The cost for the full certificate is $1784.00

Register for your first course to be enrolled in the Master Gardener Program.

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