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The Certificate in Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency provides learners with knowledge, strategies, tools, and skills related to the use of blockchain technology in the workplace. Blockchain skills are required in a variety of fields including government, health, education, financial services, logistics, real estate, start-ups, oil and gas, the non-profit sector, and business. This certificate is for all levels of experience within the blockchain technology ecosystem.

What Will You Learn?

  • What blockchain technology is and how it is used.
  • What Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are as well as how they fit into the digital economy.
  • Distinguish the types of blockchain networks including for what environment they are best suited.
  • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of public, private, consortium, and permissioned networks in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Describe some of the possibilities that blockchain may influence for both commercial and social good.

Who Should Take This Certificate?

  • Anyone interested in learning about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
  • Those interested in adding to their professional profiles and resumes two technologies which are growing in importance and driving many new market and employment opportunities.
  • Anyone working in the financial, healthcare, retail, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, legal, gaming, or cybersecurity industries where knowledge and skill in these two technology areas is transferable knowledge.

How Will You Benefit?

The certificate in blockchain can help you:

  • Learn, apply and master the vocabulary and knowledge to discuss and apply blockchain technology in professional situations.
  • Understand and add “blockchain” to your resume, one of the top job skills in demand according to LinkedIn.
  • Learn about and use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safely and effectively.
  • Gain a foundational background and understanding of how the emerging technologies called blockchain and cryptocurrencies are being applied in real-world applications.

Fees & Scheduling

The fee for each course is $383. 

This online certificate consists of three courses.

Course I: Introduction to Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency
Course II: Introduction to Blockchain Platforms, Cryptocurrencies and the Digital Economy
Course III: The Future of Blockchain: Challenges, Opportunities and Introduction to Blockchain Use Cases

Completion of the three courses of the Certificate in Blockchain will also qualify participants to write the Global Blockchain Professional (GBP) exam as part of the Foundation Technologies Institute credentialing process. The cost of the exam is included in the course fee.

This certificate is taken online at your own pace (Online Self-Paced). Students start on a date of their choosing and have 6 months to complete each course. There are no live sessions with the instructor; however, students will have access to pre-recorded sessions. The instructor will also be available for consultation via email.

Certificate Requirements

It is highly recommended that participants complete the three courses in sequential order. The certificate is awarded after the completion of all three courses, including all quizzes, assignments, and exams. This represents approximately 108 hours of training including online sessions, home study, assignments, and exam preparation. The participants must attain a minimum of 65% for each course and an aggregate average of at least 75% in the program.

For assistance or more information, please contact openlearning@dal.ca.

Recognition of Prior Learning

It may be possible to receive advanced standing in this certificate based on your prior learning from work or life experience. We provide two types of recognition of prior learning:

Prior Certified Learning: Assessment of prior coursework or training through a professional training provider, for the purpose of advanced standing. Examples of certified learning may include university or college coursework, military training, accredited certificates, workplace training programs, etc.

Prior Experiential Learning: Assessment of previous work and life learning that may be equivalent to learning outcomes of university courses/programs, for the purpose of advanced standing. Relevant prior learning may come from work or volunteer experience, participation on committees or boards, independent study, etc.

To discuss how to use your prior learning to apply for advanced standing, please contact rpl@dal.ca.

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