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The first module in this certificate begins on September 23rd. 
This 100% online Certificate in Blockchain provides learners with knowledge, strategies, tools and skills related to the use of blockchain technology in the workplace. Blockchain skills are required in a variety of fields including government, health, education, financial services, logistics, real estate, start-ups, oil and gas, the non-profit sector and business. This certificate is for all levels of experience within the blockchain technology ecosystem.

Using a digital pedagogy approach that integrates theory and practical application, learners experience blockchain tools, techniques and platforms to gain an understanding of this technology. You will be provided with the essentials of blockchain technology including its origin, what it is, how it is being used, how to use it and how it can be used to add value within businesses and society.

Completion of the three modules of the Certificate in Blockchain will also qualify participants to write the Blockchain Professional – Generalist (BCP-G) exam as part of the Foundation Technologies Institute credentialing process.

Who should attend

  • Anyone interested in learning about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

  • Those interested in adding to their professional profiles and resumes two technologies which are growing in importance and driving many new market and employment opportunities.

  • Anyone working in the financial, healthcare, retail, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, legal, gaming or cybersecurity industries where knowledge and skill in these two technology areas is transferable knowledge.

  • It is recommended that participants have completed secondary school or equivalent, be proficient (to university level) in English.  Between two to five years working experience is preferred but not required.

What you will learn

Participants will gain practical knowledge and skills to be able to:

  • Distinguish the types of blockchain networks including for what environment they are best suited.

  • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of public, private, consortium and permissioned networks in the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Describe five Hyperledger frameworks.

  • Discuss how Hyperledger leverages open standards and open governance to support business solutions.

  • Describe the value of Bitcoin as it relates to a digital economy.

  • Explain the challenges that blockchain must overcome to gain mainstream acceptance.

  • Describe some of the possibilities that blockchain may influence for both commercial and social good.

Course Content

This online certificate consists of three modules.  Live sessions will be held weekly on Wednesdays from 7:00 – 8:00 pm Atlantic time.

    • Module I: Introduction to Blockchain and Blockchain Networks

    • Module II: Introduction to Blockchain Platforms, Cryptocurrencies and the Digital Economy

    • Module III: The Future of Blockchain: Challenges, Opportunities and Introduction to Blockchain Use Cases


The fee for each module is $935.00 or register and pay $2580.00 for the entire Certificate in advance and save $225.00!

Please contact Julie Webb at 902-494-6078 or 1-800-565-8867 for more information.

Certificate Requirements

It is highly recommended that participants complete the three modules in sequential order. The certificate is awarded after the completion of the three modules, including all quizzes and assignments. This represents approximately 108 hours of training which includes online sessions, home study, assignments and exam preparation. Participants must attain a minimum of 60% for each module and an aggregate average of at least 60% in the program.


George Levy, CSBCP, CBP is a bestselling instructor and speaker focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. As Division Head of Blockchain at blocksEDU and Chief Learning Officer at the Blockchain Institute of Technology, George helps organizations understand and envision what is possible with blockchain technology and to translate that knowledge into positive business results.

He has taught more than 60,000 students in more than 80 countries, with clients ranging from Fannie Mae and Ernst & Young, to the Ministry of Economy in Mexico. His presentations and keynotes consistently rank among the top-rated sessions at conferences and events, and his online courses on blockchain and cryptocurrency have earned thousands of five-star reviews.  He has been featured in Forbes, CNN and NPR.

Where will graduates work

Blockchain has been listed by jobs site LinkedIn as the #1, most in-demand Job Skill for the year 2020.

Beyond merely the financial industry, which has been hiring blockchain and cryptocurrency personnel for several years, other industries are increasingly seeking talent with blockchain skills. Healthcare, retail, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, legal and other technology focused areas such as gaming and cybersecurity – among - others are looking to hire talent with blockchain skills.

The importance of blockchain has also risen to the forefront during the Coronavirus lockdown as the US. Department of Homeland Security has named “Blockchain Managers” among “essential critical infrastructure workers.”

Additional Details

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Register and pay for the entire certificate in advance and save $225.00!

Program of study includes:

  • CCE-BLCH0010: Introduction to Blockchain and Blockchain Networks (Module I)
  • CCE-BLCH0011: Introduction to Blockchain Platforms, Cryptocurrencies and the Digital Economy (Module II)
  • CCE-BLCH0012: The Future of Blockchain: Challenges, Opportunities and Introduction to Blockchain Use Cases (Module III)

Total Fee for the bundle $2580.00

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