8 Courses Required

The Certificate in Adult Education consists of eight (8) fully online courses that are designed to help participants gain a comprehensive introduction to the field of adult education and a widely recognized professional credential.   Contact Us: Email dawne.walker@dal.ca or erin.careless@dal.ca for additional information.  All courses can be taken individually. Successful completion of all eight (8) courses is required in order to be awarded the Certificate.

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Identify prominent theories of adult learning
  • Explain the connection between adult learning theory and practice
  • Integrate a lens of equity, diversity, and inclusion into adult education practice
  • Design a needs assessment strategy for a workshop
  • Develop observable and measurable learning outcomes for a workshop
  • Determine authentic assessments appropriate for a workshop
  • Identify personal styles of facilitation through the practice of instructional methods and presentation skills
  • Analyse group process issues to determine appropriate interventions in facilitation
  • Explain three levels of engagement used in online delivery
  • Facilitate a 30-minute session with your program colleagues
  • Demonstrate individual learning and success in reaching personal learning goals through the submission of a written project

Course Content

Each course in the program is three (3) weeks in length.  Participants can expect to spend approximately four (4) hours per week on their studies. To enrol in the certificate program, all eight (8) of the below required courses need to be added to your shopping cart.  Each course contains supplementary materials for participants who have an interest in deeper exploration of the topics.  There will also be approximately 3 live lectures for each of the sessions.  Dates will be confirmed when you register.

  1. Theories of Adult Learning
  2. Understanding Diversity and Inclusion
  3. Needs Assessment
  4. Program Design
  5. Evaluating Learning
  6. Instructional Methods
  7. Effective Facilitation
  8. Designing and Teaching Online


Language Requirement: University-level English language proficiency required in writing, speaking, and reading comprehension. It is recommended that students have an IELTS Academic score of 6.5 overall, or a TOEFL-IBT score of 90 overall for this program. Please see the following guidelines from Dalhousie University for more information: https://www.dal.ca/admissions/international_students/admissions/english-requirements.html

Program Delivery

The program is delivered through the flexibility and convenience of Dalhousie's enriched and engaging online learning platform (BrightSpace). Courses include weekly group activities, live streaming lectures and project work. Course delivery is designed to provide maximum benefit and flexibility through online study.

Course Materials: all course materials are made available through the BrightSpace learning platform and are included in the course fees.

Certificate Requirements

All eight (8) courses must be successfully completed in order to receive the Certificate in Adult Education.

Timetable Fall/Winter 2020 and Spring 2021

  • September 3, 2020: Opening Night from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. (ADT)
  • September 7 – 25, 2020: Theories of Adult Learning
  • October 11 – 30, 2020: Understanding Diversity and Inclusion
  • November 16 – December 4, 2020: Needs Assessment
  • January 4 – 22, 2021: Course 4: Program Design
  • February 8 – 26, 2021: Course 5: Evaluating Learning
  • March 8 – 26, 2021: Course 6: Instructional Methods
  • April 12 – 30, 2021: Course 7: Effective Facilitation
  • May 16 – 31, 2021: Designing and Teaching Online
  • June 14 – 17, 2021: Facilitations (only need to attend one full day online)

Payment Policy

Program Tuition fee is $4,495.00 (which includes $525 deposit/materials fee).

Payment Plan

On request, we can invoice you for the initial deposit, followed by four equal payments as per the below schedule. To pay by payment plan please:

  • Select "Add to Cart" at the top of the page,
  • Select your course sections and select "Continue"
  • Confirm your shopping cart by selecting "Checkout"
  • Complete your student profile, then "Continue Checkout"
  • When asked to select a payment method, please select "Other methods" then choose "Credit card deposit" from the drop down list. 

Your request will be sent to the Program Manager dawne.walker@dal.ca.  Dawne will send you out a confirmation email once your registration is completed.

Deposit:  $525 upon registration (receipt of invoices)

Payment 1:  September 25, 2020  = $992.50

Payment 2:  November 27, 2020 = $992.50

Payment 3:  January 29, 2021 = $992.50

Payment 4:  March 5, 2021 = $992.50

Payment in full must be received by March 5, 2021. 

Withdrawal Policy


20 business days prior to the program start date

You pay $0.00 (100% return)

Late withdrawal

Within 20 business days of the program start date

You pay $1,273.75 (75% return)


On or after the program start date

You pay $4,495.00 (0% return)




Additional Details

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Save more than $700 by purchasing all courses as a bundle.

Program of study includes:

  • CCE-ADED0012: Theories of Adult Education
  • CCE-ADED0013: Understanding Diversity
  • CCE-ADED0014: Needs Assessment
  • CCE-ADED0015: Program Design
  • CCE-ADED0018: Assessing Learning
  • CCE-ADED0016: Instructional Methods
  • CCE-ADED0017: Effective Facilitation
  • CCE-ADED0019: Designing and Teaching Online

Total Fee for the bundle $4495.00


Certificate Bundle Price
Certificate in Adult Education : $4,495.00
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8 Course(s)

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