10 Courses Required
This certificate is available as a corporate customized solution ONLY. If your organization is interested in enrolling employees in this certificate, please reach out to let us know your needs. We will contact you within two business days to discuss a solution.

For New and Aspiring University and College Academic Administrators

Join a select group of academic peers to develop your leadership skills. This program will help you become part of a nationwide community of visionary, collaborative and effective leaders in the complex, unique and multidisciplinary world of academia.

Based on adult learning principles and contemporary research on academic leadership development, the Certificate offers participants a practical, action-based, interactive and experiential learning program.


This certificate includes ten courses, which can be tailored according to your group’s needs and your organization’s priorities.

  • Theories & Principles of Academic Leadership
  • Understanding & Leading Self
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Collaboration & Leading Teams
  • Using Data in Decision Making
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Financial Management
  • Leading Change in Complexity

The program also includes a group-based Action Leadership Project (ALP) where participants apply their learning to real-world organizational challenges.


This certificate will help participants:

  • Recognize and understand their leadership style, philosophy, and values, and strategically engage in ongoing professional development.
  • Facilitate the personal and professional development of a diverse staff complement, ensuring the growth and valuing of an inclusive environment that supports success for all.
  • Identify, build and maintain formal and informal relationships and networks to support the achievement of unit and institutional goals.
  • Employ conceptual, innovative, and creative thinking in making strategic decisions.
  • Develop and manage large-scale change initiatives that are aligned with the institution's goals and the unit's needs and resources.


This certificate is delivered through Dalhousie's learning management system (Brightspace) with courses delivered online, in-person or in a hybrid format. Each course includes independent study, group activities, live and pre-recorded lectures, and connections to the Action Leadership Projects. This program is designed to provide maximum convenience and flexibility to meet the needs of busy academic professional.

This is a fully customized program so the course schedule and content will be designed to fit your organization's needs. All ten courses must be completed to earn the Academic Leadership Certificate.


This certificate is designed for academic leaders in a university or college setting, e.g. chairs, department heads, directors, associate deans, and deans; and those aspiring to academic leadership positions. It is available for groups of eight or more learners (typically from a single institution) and can be customized to your institution's unique setting and learning needs.

"This program was a great learning experience. It helped me gain valuable leadership skills that I will surely use in my career. Engaging faculty helped to make the learning experience top-notch."

Melissa Benoit, Coordinating Instructor, School of Health & Wellness, New Brunswick Community College


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FORMAT: Flexible delivery options (ie. in-person, online or hybrid).
TIME COMMITMENT: Program can be completed in 5 months or up to 3 years.
PRICE: Fees vary based on group size (contact Dr. Jeff Myers for rates).



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