10 Courses Required

For New and Aspiring University and College Academic Administrators

Delivered by Dalhousie Executive Education.

Great work starts with great leaders. Join a select group of academic peers to develop your leadership skills. Become part of a nation-wide community of academic leaders who have the skills and capabilities to emerge as visionary, collaborative and effective leaders in the complex, unique, multidisciplinary world of academia.

Program Description

  • Open to university and college academic administrators, Chairs, Heads, Directors, Associate Deans, Deans, and those aspiring to positions in academic administration.
  • Fully online program
  • Tuition includes all course materials
  • Taught by Dalhousie Executive Education instructors from the Faculty of Management
  • Mentored Action Leadership Project to apply your learning to a challenge currently facing your institution


By the end of this Certificate Program, you will be able to:

  • Employ conceptual and creative thinking in making strategic decisions.
  • Recognize and understand your leadership style, philosophy and values, and engage in on-going professional development to enable self-reflection and obtain feedback on performance.
  • Develop innovative unit strategies that align with the institutional vision and the unit’s resource capabilities.
  • Manage change initiatives and ensure results are in alignment with the institution’s vision, goals and strategies.
  • Identify, build and maintain formal and informal relationships and networks to support the achievement of unit and institutional goals.
  • Facilitate the personal and professional development of a diverse staff complement, ensuring the growth and valuing of an inclusive work environment that supports success for everyone.
  • Manage human performance through employee engagement and commitment to achieve organizational goals.


Program is designed for current and aspiring college and university academic administrators at the Chair, Head, Director, Associate Dean and Dean levels.

Enrolment is open to all applicants who possess a minimum of a four-year equivalent undergraduate degree from a university recognized by the Senate of Dalhousie University.

Program Structure

The ten-course program is delivered through the flexibility and convenience of Dalhousie’s enriched and engaging online learning platform (BrightSpace). Courses include weekly group activities, live streaming lectures and project work. Course delivery is designed to provide maximum benefit and flexibility through distance study.

Courses may be taken individually. All ten courses must be completed to earn the Academic Leadership Certificate.

Certificate Requirements

All ten (10) courses must be successfully completed in order to receive the Academic Leadership Certificate. Courses can be taken in any order. All ten (10) courses must be completed within three years of your program start date.


Courses are offered in the same sequence each year in the Winter term, from January to early June. The program can be completed in this timeframe (approx. five (5) months). Students have up to three (3) years to complete.

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10 Course(s)

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