10 Courses Required 360.00 Hours Required

The purpose of this certificate is to track your readiness to apply for Fire Officer III certification. 

Who Should Take This Certificate?

The Fire Officer III Accreditation Track is applicable to individuals who have already received their Fire Officer II certification.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate consists of ten (10) courses over 360 hours. The nine required courses (324 hours) are:

  • OLCD-FIRE0024 Station Officer: Dealing with People
  • OLCD-FIRE0023 Station Officer: Dealing with New Operations
  • OLCD-FIRE0025 The Environment of the Fire Station
  • OLCD-FIRE0014 Fire Prevention Management
  • OLCD-FIRE0012 Fire Department Human Resource Management
  • OLCD-FIRE0019 Municipal Finance
  • OLCD-FIRE0016 Fire Service Strategic Planning I
  • OLCD-FIRE0018 Fire Suppression Management
  • OLCD-PALS0031 Organizational Behaviour (formerly OLCD-FIRE0021 and PSCP0011 Organizational Behaviour)

You can select one elective (36 hours) from the options below:

  • OLCD-FIRE0010 Disaster Management and the Fire Department 
  • OLCD-FIRE0029 Theoretical Foundations of Incident Command: Thinking 

If you have obtained your Fire Officer II accreditation, you may apply for Fire Officer III certification upon successful completion of 10 of the above courses and by submitting the application. In order to qualify for Fire Officer III certification, students must receive at least 70% on each of the courses. Program staff will then check your application for completeness. If gaps are found, you will be notified by Dalhousie University staff. Once your application has been approved, your request will be submitted to the Nova Scotia Fire Marshall's office. After all requirements have been verified, you will receive Fire Officer III certification.

Note: You can check your progress toward certification in your student portal at: https://registeratcontinuingeducation.dal.ca/ .

Fees and Schedule

Tuition fees for the courses in this certificate vary according to the degree of interactivity and corresponding course hours. See each course for the applicable tuition fee. Courses start in September, January and April. Each course is offered at least once a year. All courses are 12 weeks long and require a minimum of 36 hours of learning engagement.

To request enrolment or more information, please contact openlearning@dal.ca.

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