4 Courses Required 72.00 Hours Required


The certificate in Technical Writing will provide you with best practices for creating clear, compelling technical documents.  Our interactive online courses will help you build the specific skills you need to write for your particular readers in your work environment. 

What You Will Learn?

  • Analyze your audience using three different methods
  • Create a straightforward document structure for a brief document
  • Describe technology so that readers can visualize it
  • Develop a process for effectively editing your own writing
  • Analyze your document stakeholders
  • Develop a document persuasion strategy
  • Create compelling recommendation reports
  • Craft winning proposals

Who Should Take This Certificate?

  • Engineers
  • business analysts
  • software engineers
  • network administrators
  • project managers
  • anyone who uses writing to share technical information.

How Will You Benefit?

The Certificate in Technical Writing can help you

  • communicate more clearly and easily with supervisors, clients, and colleagues
  • gain control over grammar and punctuation so you can be confident that you’re expressing yourself correctly and clearly.

Course Fees & Scheduling

The fee for the certificate is $1,980 ($495 per course)

One Required Course:

Electives (choose three):

Certificate Requirements

The certificate is awarded after successful completion of four courses. There is a student evaluation at the end of each course. Each course includes a final assessment (such as a test or writing assignment) so you can demonstrate the progress you’ve made. All requirements must be met within four years.

Recognition of Prior Learning

It may be possible to receive advanced standing in this certificate based on your prior learning from work or life experience. We provide two types of recognition of prior learning:

Prior Certified Learning: Assessment of prior coursework or training through a professional training provider, for the purpose of advanced standing. Examples of certified learning may include university or college coursework, military training, accredited certificates, workplace training programs, etc.

Prior Experiential Learning: Assessment of previous work and life learning that may be equivalent to learning outcomes of university courses/programs, for the purpose of advanced standing. Relevant prior learning may come from work or volunteer experience, participation on committees or boards, independent study, etc.

To discuss how to use your prior learning to apply for advanced standing, please contact rpl@dal.ca.

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3 Course(s)

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