2 Courses Required

The Pediatric Injections Training Program (PITP) is comprised of two parts:

  • Online Competency Program
  • Administration of Pediatric Injections Workshop

This program was developed to prepare pharmacists to administer medications and immunizations by injection in the pediatric population. The legislation surrounding this expanded scope of practice is in various stages in each province. You are required to check with your regulatory body for further instruction once you have completed this program.

Program overview

The first component, Online Competency Program, is comprised of one video, and will take approximately two hours to complete. It will review intramuscular and subcutaneous injection techniques in pediatric patients, including site selection, needle length, the maximum volume to be administered, and administration process. It will also review common methods of holding pediatric patients during injection, pain management strategies, distraction techniques, and anaphylaxis. Pharmacists must achieve at least 70% on the post-study online test prior to being enrolled in the practical workshop.

The second component, Administration of Pediatric Injections Workshop, is a two-hour workshop on the hands-on administration of pediatric injections, bundling and positioning, and distraction techniques. There is an in-person assessment where candidates must successfully landmark and administer injections in pediatric mannequins to receive a certificate of completion for the workshop. On the day of certification, participants will be provided with necessary supplies (i.e. needles, syringes, practice injection pads, etc.) and time to practice required skills. Trained certifiers from Dal CPE and Dal School of Nursing will provide guidance and answer questions regarding any aspect of the injection process.

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Dalhousie Continuing Pharmacy Education has accredited this Program for 4 CEUs.


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