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The Certificate in Human Resource Management is offered fully online. The practical focus of the courses in this certificate will equip you with a knowledge base and a range of strategies and skills to manage your organization's greatest asset -- its people -- responsively, fairly and consistently. 

What Will You Learn?

The certificate provides a series of practical courses that provide you with a wide range of skills, grounded solidly in theory, needed to support your organization and its people in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment. As a human resource practitioner, you need to have a wide range of skills to manage this complexity. In the three courses in the certificate, you will learn theory and practice in human resources, organizational behaviour and interpersonal and intercultural communication. The course assessments will provide you with the opportunity to apply what you have learned to your own professional or work context.

Who Should Take This Certificate?

The Certificate in Human Resource Management is applicable to individuals working in human resources in any sector, industry and organization, including for-profit and no-profit entities.

You should take this certificate if:

  • You are responsible for the people in your organization.
  • You are new to a human resources role or are moving into a human resources role in your organization.
  • You aspire to move into a human resources role in your organization or a new organization.
  • You run your own business.

How Will You Benefit?

The Certificate in Human Resource Management can help you:

  • Understand the different facets of managing the people in an organization.
  • Understand how organizations are structured and why.
  • Engage in effective interpersonal and intercultural communication.
  • Become more confident managing the dynamic complexity of your organization and its people.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate consists of three courses totalling 108 hours of learning. The three required courses, each 36 hours long, are:

  • OLCD-PALS0018 Human Resources Management
  • OLCD-PALS0030 Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication
  • OLCD-PALS0031 Organizational Behaviour

Fees and Schedule

The courses run in September, January and April. The courses are 12 weeks long and require a minimum of 36 hours of learning engagement each. You should expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours per week engaged in learning the course material. Many participants choose to spend more than the minimum of 3 hours per week in order to dig into the material and assessments more deeply. There are live sessions throughout the courses.

For assistance or more information, please contact openlearning@dal.ca.

Recognition of Prior Learning

It may be possible to receive advanced standing in this certificate based on your prior learning from work or life experience. We provide two types of recognition of prior learning:

  • Prior Certified Learning: Assessment of prior coursework or training through a provider, that is neither a university or college, for the purpose of advanced standing. Examples of certified learning may include military courses, accredited certificates, workplace training programs, etc.
  • Prior Experiential Learning: Assessment of previous work and life learning that may be equivalent to learning outcomes of university courses / programs, for the purpose of advanced standing. Relevant prior learning may come from work or volunteer experience, participation on committees or boards, independent study, etc.

To discuss how to use your prior learning to apply for advanced standing, please contact rpl@dal.ca.

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