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  1. Do not use Google Chrome as a browser. Please use Firefox if possible. Don't have more than one browser window or tab open.
  2. Do not use a Visa or MasterCard branded DEBIT card. We can currently only accept credit cards.
  3. When you submit your payment, click the "submit" button only once.
  4. If you have difficulty, do not try paying again. Please contact continuinged@dal.ca for assistance as soon as possible.

Dalhousie University is internationally known as one of North America’s most welcoming universities. Founded in 1818, Dalhousie is one of Canada’s oldest universities, attracting more than 18,200 students from around the world. Located on Canada’s East Coast, the university blends world-class academic programs with leading-edge research.

Our focus on academic innovation means we are committed to the continuous development of our programs and courses. And as Atlantic Canada’s leading research university, Dal attracts over $140 million in research grants and awards each year.  Dalhousie’s campus reflects a diverse mix of students who come from across Canada and around the world, bringing multiple cultures and perspectives to the Dalhousie community.

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