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Professional Development
Course Location Delivery Options Availability
DNTL-DENT0001 A practical review of TMJ complex and TMD management DNTL-DENT0001 Not Currently Available
OLCD-OHSM0013 Accident Investigation OLCD-OHSM0013 Not Currently Available
OLCD-HEAL0021 Adaptation of Positive Psychology Principles in Policies and Procedures NEW OLCD-HEAL0021 Online Campus - Atlantic Time Online - Blended Asynchronous and Synchronous Available
OLCD-OHSM0010 Addressing Complex Employee Behaviours in the Workplace OLCD-OHSM0010 Not Currently Available
PHAR-IIAT0002 Administration of Injections Workshop PHAR-IIAT0002 Carleton Campus , Offsite Campus Workshop Available
OLCD-BLCH0014 Advanced Blockchain and the Digital Economy NEW OLCD-BLCH0014 Online - Asynchronous Available
OLCD-PCIC0032 Advanced Control Strategies and Optimization OLCD-PCIC0032 Online - Asynchronous Available
Image not available Advanced multi-disciplinary uses of CBCT technology - ACDE Webinar Series NEW DNTL-DENT0067 Online Campus - Atlantic Time Available
OLCD-POLC0021 Advanced Police Leadership OLCD-POLC0021 Not Currently Available
Image not available Advanced Protection & Control (Part 2): Symmetrical Component Theory OLCD-CTEE0077 Not Currently Available
Image not available Advanced Protection & Control (Part 3): Four Protection Schematic Standards OLCD-CTEE0078 Not Currently Available
Image not available Agriculture, Food and Well-Being ELAG-AGRI4001 Not Currently Available
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