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Course Location Delivery Options Availability
OLCD-DEAP0020 Academic Speaking for Graduate Students OLCD-DEAP0020 Not Currently Available
OLCD-DEAP0018 Academic Writing for Graduate Students OLCD-DEAP0018 Not Currently Available
OLCD-DEAP0041 Classroom Management and Assessment in CLIL Pedagogy OLCD-DEAP0041 Online - Asynchronous Available
OLCD-DEAP0044 Communication for the Workplace OLCD-DEAP0044 Not Currently Available
OLCD-DEAP0021 Effective Oral Communication OLCD-DEAP0021 Not Currently Available
OLCD-DEAP0048 English for Specific Purposes OLCD-DEAP0048 Not Currently Available
OLCD-DEAP0016 English in Canada OLCD-DEAP0016 Halifax Campus Classroom - Face-to-Face Available
OLCD-DEAP0030 English Language Communication + Nova Scotia Landscapes OLCD-DEAP0030 Not Currently Available
OLCD-DEAP0032 English Pronunciation OLCD-DEAP0032 Not Currently Available
OLCD-DEAP0019 English: Structure, Logic, and Rules OLCD-DEAP0019 Not Currently Available
OLCD-DEAP0042 Implementation of CLIL Practices in an EMI Context OLCD-DEAP0042 Online - Asynchronous Available
OLCD-DEAP0039 Introduction to CLIL in an EMI Context OLCD-DEAP0039 Online - Asynchronous Available
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