Course Description

This online course is 36 learning hours over twelve weeks, including 7.5 hours of live online sessions. It is recommended that students spend a minimum of 3 hours each week on coursework. Students may choose to complete more hours of work on the course in order to explore the content in more depth. 

Organizations in all parts of the world in all sectors are looking for leaders who can coach so that they can get the best possible results from their most valuable resource – the people. Coaching is comprised of a set of skills and a series of steps that help others become better at their jobs. There are many leadership styles that experts cite and describe; this course specifically examines the coaching leadership style.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction 

What is coaching and how does it differ from other forms of leadership?

Unit 2: Character 

What does it take to be a great coach? How can you set up the kind of relationship that will lead to better performance?

Unit 3: Observation 

Before you provide coaching, you need to diagnose performance challenges. That means you have to lean how to observe and you have to make the most of your observations.

Unit 4: Assessment 

Observations provide data. Data needs to reviewed and analyzed so that coaching targets can be determined. This is what we call assessment.

Unit 5: Communication Part 1 

How do you get your point across without demanding and advising? Setting up the communication process requires skill and patience.

Unit 6: Communication Part 2 

Feedback. Delivering and accepting feedback is an overlooked talent. This module looks at how to take and give feedback so that it results in positive performance change.

Unit 7: Integration Part 1 

Values in leadership. Coaching involves aligning values. Personal, organizational and community values all form part of the performance formula. When values are aligned, performance is enhanced – when values are conflicting, performance is inhibited.

Unit 8: Integration Part 2 

Teams. Today’s organizations are made up of multiple teams. Coaching a team requires another set of lenses. We look at how teams function and how they perform.

Unit 9: Nurturing 

Coaching only works when the environment supports it as a leadership style. How can we develop a culture that supports growth?

Unit 10: Growth 

It all comes down growth. Great coaches help people grow. Growing better people helps organizations thrive.

What You Will Learn

Expect to develop your skills as a leader by enhancing your ability to:

  • Build positive relationships with others
  • Listen more effectively so that you can influence the performance equation
  • Help teams be more effective
  • Build organizational cultures that are based on continuous improvement
  • Grow as an effective leader


Performance Coaching

This course provides learners with the opportunity to earn a microcredential. A microcredential is evidence of a skill or competency that is employment related. Dalhousie microcredentials are developed in collaboration with employers, industries, and/or organizations that relate to the content. A microcredential can be displayed on social media pages, digital resumes, personal webpages, and in email signatures. To earn the microcredential in this course, learners will need to successfully complete a competency-based assessment.

Learn more about this Human Resources microcredential on our website.


The Faculty of OLCD recommends an intermediate level of English language proficiency for the most effective learning and participation in our online and face-to-face courses. A list of minimum recommended scores on some common English tests can be found on our website. If you have questions about your English language proficiency and ability to succeed in this course, please contact openlearning@dal.ca.

Recommended For

  • Leaders who want to get the most from those they lead
  • Managers to expand their leadership talent
  • Aspiring leaders who need to learn what leadership feels like and how to effectively build talent in others


"The content of this course is pure gold. I have taken a significant amount of notes and have had many conversations about this course with my immediate supervisor and both he and I are completely on board with the curriculum. 

This is my 4th course through Dal and by far the most beneficial and applicable one I have taken so far. School was never my strong point growing up and I find the building of the assignments and post to be challenging. And although they may seem "rough" from time to time, I am telling you in honesty that what I took away from this course is significantly more than what I am able to properly articulate on paper."

~ Luc Robichaud
Training Officer, Dieppe Fire Department

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PGDip Coaching Skills for Leaders
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This section is exclusive to Post-Graduate Diploma Program students and will take place on the Dalhousie campus with face to face instruction. With an emphasis on groupwork and presentations, students will develop the crucial leadership skills of collaboration and effective communication.  Enrolments in this section will be completed by the program administrator. For more information email: openlearning@dal.ca.  

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Coaching Skills for Leaders
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All readings for this course are in the Learning Management System, OpenDal. You do not need to purchase any additional books.

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