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This is an 8-hour online course designed to help educators move teaching content online or develop new online courses. Completed at your own pace, this course covers key topics such as learning outcomes, layout, universal design for learning (UDL), online presence and assessments.

Course Outline

Module 1: Learning Outcomes

  • Define learning outcomes
  • Describe the connection between outcomes, needs assessments, activities, and assessments in course design
  • Design learning outcomes for a given scenario

Module 2: Assessments

  • Articulate the differences between formative and summative assessments
  • Identify how assessments align with outcomes
  • Design assessments for a given scenario

Module 3: UDL and Layout

  • Describe the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Reflect on the ways you could incorporate the UDL principles into your own online course
  • Design learning activities that reflect UDL and could be implemented in your teaching practice

Module 4: Online Presence and Engagement

  • Explain the connection between engagement and retention in online learning
  • Describe the three components of online presence
  • Identify strategies that can foster engagement in online learning

What You Will Learn

"As someone who was completely new to online teaching, the Online Design and Delivery course offered a perfect starting point for me to learn about the topics and key elements involved in the process. This course was very intuitive and provided me with the support and the tools necessary to feel more confident and comfortable in starting to design and then deliver online courses." ~ Anna Maier, English in Canada Program Coordinator, Dalhousie University College of Continuing Education


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At this time, payments will only be accepted online via credit card.

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