Course Description

The aim of the Mastering Strategy course is to enable participants to learn about strategy and to learn how to be strategic. As a result, it has been crafted both to provide learners with the knowledge needed to understand strategy and also to build the skills and competencies required to leverage this understanding in order to be strategic.

Consequently, on the course you will be introduced not only to the principles of strategy and strategic thinking, but you will explore the practical dimension of how to be strategic. You will become familiar with the origins of modern strategic thinking and with strategy in different contexts as well as with the thinking of some of the world’s most prominent strategic thinkers on everything from military strategy to strategic thinking in public-sector and private-sector organizations.

What You Will Learn

This broad and deep, intensive course covers strategy in several domains to provides participants with a robust foundation of strategic knowledge. Some of what is explored on the course includes:

  • What is strategy?
  • Strategy in different contexts (e.g. public sector, private sector, military, political, sports)
  • Approaches to and challenges with crafting strategy
  • Strategic analysis, game theory, blue ocean strategy, methods and tools
  • Decision making in the face of uncertainty
  • Cultural and cognitive considerations for decision-making
  • Where strategy goes wrong
  • Approaches to and challenges with strategy execution
  • Strategic learning
  • Application of learning to your organization and its strategic challenges

As a course participant, you will be involved in interactive team exercises helping you learn how to be strategic and how to address strategic challenges in your organization. The course will equip you with a robust understanding of strategy and nurture your ability to be strategic – both of which positively impact your ability to benefit the organization in which you work and your career potential.

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