Course Description

A six-day intensive, practical and results-orientated Certificate program crafted for Continuing Care Administrators who are striving to excel. Dalhousie’s School of Health Administration and the Nova Scotia Nursing Homes Association have brought together an exceptional panel of industry leaders and specialists, creating a bespoke program of professional instruction for senior administrators in Continuing Care.

In addition to the Certificate program itself, the course will provide an invaluable opportunity to establish an enduring professional network with like-minded colleagues across Nova Scotia’s Continuing Care sector.

Course Outline

Topics for in-depth practical instruction and sharing of best practice include:

  • Leadership & Navigating Complexity, including:
    • Understanding the Self as/in Leadership
    • Leading through Systems and Relationships
  • The Nova Scotia Legal Context: Legislation and Licensing
  • The Philosophy of Care
  • Financial Management
  • Operations and Continuing Improvement
  • HR & Communications

Student learning will be evaluated as follows:

  • A pass/fail online quiz at the completion of each 3-day block (multiple choice and short answer questions)
  • Two written reflections – each submitted within 2-3 weeks of completion of each study block. Each reflection will require a minimum of 3-5 entries. Each entry will describe and analyze a situation, event, activity or decision using knowledge and skills taught in the certificate.

What You Will Learn

Over the course of 6 days, students will learn to:

  • discuss client-centered care, examine the structure of the health care system, and analyze various philosophical issues related to LTC facilities,
  • explore leadership challenges and how to implement effective leadership strategies within the long-term care environment,
  • identify strategies to create strong lines of communication and build strong relationships with internal stakeholders including residents, families, staff, governing boards, and external stakeholders such as licensing, and government agencies,
  • identify the legal and policy context in which LTCs operate and analyze how it impacts day-to day functioning and administration of LTC facilities,
  • investigate equity, diversity and inclusion issues and cultural safety strategies that support a respectful, safe LTC environment,
  • review human resources and labour relations issues common in LTC facilities,
  • examine the public relations needs of LTC facilities, including strategies for effective external communication and marketing,
  • use risk management, planning, and budgeting tools common to the private and not-for-profit LTC sectors to achieve sound financial management,
  • discuss techniques and tools to successfully manage the daily operations of LTC facilities; and
  • explore tools and techniques to make continuous quality improvements.

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Application for Leadership in Continuing Care Administration Certificate
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Leadership in Continuing Care Administration
Class - Face-to-Face
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
8:00AM to 4:30PM
Oct 23, 2024 to Nov 01, 2024
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  • Offsite Campus
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Fee non-credit $5,600.00
  • Mike Moore
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