Course Description

Cannabis Production and Management is a fully online, non-credit course that provides advanced knowledge and selected skillsets for mid to upper-level production jobs in commercial growing facilities. Students cover critical aspects of the cannabis industry, cannabis products, workplace requirements, crop management, quality control/quality assurance, harvesting, processing, and waste management. Specific applications to cannabis facilities and workplaces are a major focus of the course.

Course Outline

Cannabis Production & Management is delivered in a series of ten modules:

  • Module 1: Cannabis Industry Overview
  • Module 2: Regulations & GPP
  • Module 3: Indoor Production Facilities
  • Module 4: Crop Botany
  • Module 5: Propagation
  • Module 6: Plant & Canopy Management
  • Module 7: Media & Nutrient Management
  • Module 8: Environmental Control
  • Module 9: Integrated Pest Management
  • Module 10: Harvest Management

What You Will Learn

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to use the knowledge, skills, and resources gained to improve performance and success in mid to upper-level cannabis production jobs.

Cannabis Production and Management is 100% online. It is intended to provide you with advanced knowledge of cannabis production and management, and a chance to apply the knowledge in completing selected tasks relevant to the commercial production environment. This will improve your ability to transfer knowledge and skills to job-specific situations.


Cannabis Production and Management is an Adult Learning course with open admission criteria. It is recommended for participants with:

  • previous training in horticulture, plant science, or botany (e.g. certificate, degree, diploma); and/or
  • previous experience in a commercial horticultural enterprise or crop production.

If you don’t have previous training or experience in these areas, you can still enroll in the course, as long as you feel you can complete the requirements. This may require additional background reading etc. on your part. The instructors may be willing to recommend videos, readings etc. to help you; however, there will be no time devoted to this in the course. 


"Great course to get you introduced to the Canadian cannabis industry! Has provided me with a vast amount of knowledge on cannabis and the industry that I am excited to apply in the real world."

"Great instructors with great information that really fleshed out every aspect of indoor commercial cannabis growing!"

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