Course Description

Our Master Gardener courses are online, independent study courses. Students work at their own pace and have six months, per course, to complete all assignments and quizzes. Students who are most successful with this approach to learning are those who are self-directed and self-disciplined.


Maintaining the Garden is a web-based distance education course and is part of the Master Gardener Training Program. Garden maintenance is an inescapable fact of having a garden! You will learn what to do, why you do it, and how to do it. By understanding these principles, you will be able to take the best approach to the problem at hand.

Course Outline

This course will give you the upper hand in getting the garden that you want. You will examine common gardening practices - looking at what they are, how they are done and why. You will develop environmentally sound strategies to manage weeds, insects and diseases in your garden.


Topics include:

  • Gardening Techniques and Tools
  • Weeds and Weed Control
  • Plant Health
  • Pests
  • Pruning

Marking Scheme

Quiz 1 - Techniques & tools 10
Assignment 1 - Garden techniques 10
Quiz 2 - Weeds 15
ID Quiz 1 - Weed identification 5
Assignment 2 - Weed seedlings  10
Quiz 3 - Plant health 15
ID Quiz 2 - Insect identification 5
Assignment 3 - Plant health 10
Quiz 4- Pruning 10
Assignment 4 - Pruning  10
Total 100


Successful completion of the course requires a passing grade of 60% in each of the four sections. This is a combination of your grades from your tests and assignments. Students are required to complete all tests and assignments within the course.


Technical Requirements: Internet (High Speed preferred). Reliable computer/laptop device. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word for submitting assignments. 

Course Dates: Courses start three times a year - October 1st, November 15th, and February 1st. The registration deadline is one week prior to the start date of each course.

Number of Courses: Students are to take ONE course at a time per intake, unless otherwise approved by Extended Learning.

Refunds: Course refunds are eligible up until the registration deadline. After the registration deadline, there are no course refunds.


It is recommended that the Master Gardener Program Courses be taken in the following order:
  1. The Science of Gardening
  2. Maintaining the Garden
  3. Plant ID and Use
  4. The Art of Gardening

Recommended For

Anyone who has a passion or interest in gardening in your backyard or community.

Anyone interested in working towards becoming a Master Gardener within the Atlantic Master Gardener Association.

Anyone looking to expand on their gardening knowledge.


"Absolutely! Great information that is laid out for easy understanding"

"Loved the course and looking forward to the next two!"

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