Course Description

Development of the IMMUNIZATION AND INJECTION ADMINISTRATION TRAINING PROGRAM is supported by the Drug Evaluation Alliance of Nova Scotia (DEANS), the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia (PANS) and the New Brunswick Pharmacy Association (NBPA).

The second component of this program is: Administration of Injections Workshop, is training and certification on the hands on administration of injections. There is a virtual component and an in-person assessment where candidates must successfully administer an intramuscular and a subcutaneous injection to receive a certificate of completion for the workshop.  On the day of certification, participants will be provided with necessary supplies (i.e. needles, syringes, practice injection pads, etc.) and time to practice required skills. Trained certifiers from Dal CPE’s IIATP will provide guidance and answer questions regarding any aspect of the injection/immunization process.  There will be no formal review of the IIATP online modules or IIATP workshop content.  It is anticipated that all participants will have reviewed pertinent materials from IIATP, NACI, the Public Health Agency of Canada, etc., as determined by their own needs and/or by their provincial regulatory body, prior to attending the re-certification session.

Waiver of liability
Prior to attending the workshop, please review the Waiver of Liability   By signing this waiver you are agreeing to the condition that your professional liability insurance policy will not cover the authorized pharmaceutical service of administration of injections during the training program, but will provide coverage once you have received authorization from your regulatory body to perform injections. Once authority is granted by your regulatory body (e.g. NSCP or NBPS), the insurance policy will cover this new area of practice.

A copy of the waiver will be available at the live-day portion of the program and must be signed prior to commencing the program.

Hepatitis B vaccination reminder
Administering injections creates the potential for blood and body fluid exposure. The risk of developing HIV from exposure and/or a needle stick injury is less than one per cent, but the risk of contracting hepatitis B and C can be as high as seven per cent. It is recommended that pharmacists planning to administer injections have their hepatitis B vaccination. 

IMPORTANT: Completion of this program DOES NOT give authorization to perform injections or immunizations in  practice.  This authority will be granted to individual members in good standing by the  provincial licensing bodies (i.e. Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists  or New Brunswick College of Pharmacists). 

For assistance or further information please contact us at: Continuing Pharmacy Education.


Successful completion of PHAR-IIAT0001  Immunization Competency or PHAR-PTAD0001 Pharmacy Technician Administration of Drugs by Injection is required prior to participating in Administration of Injections Workshops.
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