Course Description

This online course is 36 learning hours over twelve weeks, including 7.5 hours of live online sessions. It is recommended that students spend a minimum of 3 hours each week on coursework. Students may choose to complete more hours of work on the course in order to explore the content in more depth.

You will learn and apply a variety of management theory and research, principally by reading the course materials together with demonstrating learning through its application to address questions arising from both case studies and issues arising within your own department. Once you have completed this course using a fire service case study, you should be better able to analyze some of the problems that arise in a station and be able to consider how to address them. Ultimately your learning will depend upon applying what you learn here to real situations or simulated ones, reflecting on that experience and doing a better job next time.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Fire Service History

Gain an understanding of the impact of mutual insurance companies, fire engines, world wars together with the increase of safety standards and litigation effects within the fire service.

Unit 2: Motivation

Learn the application of a variety of theories within the fire service together with the application of the 3C’s of control, competence, and climate factors within a fire station.

Unit 3: Leadership

An examination of four leading leadership theories together with a students simulated application of them through course assignment.

Unit 4: Helpful Information

Using a composite fire department example gain an understanding of the differing attitudes of career and volunteer firefighters and apply best practices to their operations.   

Unit 5: Coaching and Discipline

In the family atmosphere of a career fire station understand the need for officer listening skills together with sensible application of rule breaking reporting and formal disciplinary procedures.

Unit 6: Recruiting Volunteers

After understanding the typical volunteer firefighter, develop recommendations for recruiting volunteers within a local volunteer fire department. 

What You Will Learn

  • An understanding of why the fire service is structured in the way that it is together with its continuing current effects
  • With the application of modern motivational and leadership theories within career and volunteer fire departments, you will gain an understanding of their fire service application
  • Appreciation of the skills required and need to be applied to be an officer within a career, composite or volunteer fire department


Enrolling in this course will automatically enrol you into the Certificate in Fire Service Leadership. Being enrolled in the certificate does not create an obligation on your part to complete it.

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The Faculty of OLCD recommends an intermediate level of English language proficiency for the most effective learning and participation in our online and face-to-face courses. A list of minimum recommended scores on some common English tests can be found on our website. If you have questions about your English language proficiency and ability to succeed in this course, please contact openlearning@dal.ca.


Please note: A minimum of three years of fire-related (career or volunteer) experience is required for enrolment into the courses that make up the Certificate in Fire Service Leadership. You are able to enrol in this course but you will receive a warning message when you check-out. Please click the "Continue Checkout" button to by-pass this warning and complete your payment.

You can apply to have the Fire Service Experience proficiency added to your profile to ensure smooth self-registration into the Fire courses by completing the Fire Service Experience Application.

Once your application and/or registration is received, you will be contacted by the Program Manager to verify your experience. If you do not meet the requirements, your tuition will be refunded. Once this prerequisite is met, your first course must be either OLCD-FIRE0024 Station Officer: Dealing with People or OLCD-FIRE0023 Station Officer: Dealing with New Operations; which of the two courses is determined by the program office.

Prerequisite: A minimum of three years of fire-related (career or volunteer) experience.

Recommended For

  • Firefighters with 3 or more years experience, specifically for those who are looking to advance in their careers
  • Junior or senior officers who wish to expand their knowledge and credentials through advanced or specialist certificates

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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Section Title
Station Officer: Dealing with People
Online - Self-Paced
Jan 10, 2025 to Apr 04, 2025
Online - Scheduled
8:00PM to 9:30PM
Jan 21, 2025 to Mar 18, 2025
Schedule and Location
Total Learning Hours
  • Online Campus - Atlantic Time
Instruction Delivery Method(s)
Course Fee(s)
Fee non-credit $1,095.00
Required Software
Students will require a webcam and microphone to participate in live sessions.
Section Notes

We are closed from December 24, 2024 to January 1, 2025 inclusive. Access credentials to the course site may be delayed for those who enrol during this time period.

This course has scheduled written assignments and discussions within the term time frame. There will also be 5 facilitated online sessions - click on View Details for dates. *Please note: Live session dates and times may be subject to change, but will be finalized 6 weeks prior to course start date.* 

The course site will be open at 4:00 PM Atlantic Time on the course start date.

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