Course Description

This dynamic and interactive program provides participants with knowledge, concepts and techniques on how to effectively perform the BA role in agile environments and become a key contributor and value producer to team performance and project and organizational success.

Through discussions, engaging reviews and exercises (including the use of a case study), this program offers two sets of objectives:

  • Equip participants with concepts and information on how to pass the Project Management Association of Canada certificate exam for the Agile BA
  • Provide participants with an all-encompassing set of skills-enhancing knowledge, tools and techniques to effectively perform the role of the BA in Agile environments, and to explore ways to enhance the value BAs produce in agile environments.

All agile concepts and topics will be discussed from the business analyst’s role and point of view.

Who Should Attend

This program is intended for intermediate and advanced practitioners with an existing knowledge of agile concepts as well as experience as a BA. The course focuses on the BA’s role in an agile environment. Please contact us if you have concerns regarding the level of knowledge and experience required in order to benefit from this course.

Topics and Areas Covered

Introduction to Agile
Agile Planning overview
Scrum - framework, planning and roles
Team velocity
Agile role impact
The role of the BA
BA in waterfall
Agile vs. classic BA
The Lean-Alyst
The BA and the agile team
Requirements overview: traditional vs. agile
User stories and Epics
Requirements framework - INVEST
Use cases
What is the meaning of Done
Iteration zero
Backlogs: product and iteration
Demos: team, system and solution
Iteration retrospective
The BA difference: Agile BA highlights and value creation


Iteration planning agenda
Agile estimates
Identify themes
Write user stories
Identify and diagram use cases
Making requirements decisions
Planning game
Plan iteration review

What You Will Learn

After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Get prepared to pass the PMAC certificate exam for the Agile BA
  • Apply fundamental Agile principles
  • Outline, integrate and perform the role of the BA as a vital team member in Agile environments
  • Carry out key BA activities to manage stakeholder expectations
  • Provide support for the project manager and the sponsor in goal setting
  • Perform planning activities for an Agile project
  • Apply agile modeling practices to improve requirements quality
  • Elicit, document and manage requirements on Agile projects
    • Effectively build user stories
    • Use case modeling and scenarios
    • Demonstrate how “themes” and “epics” play a role in requirements activities
    • Illustrate how user stories emerge from use cases
    • Determine the amount of detail required for a user story and how many user stories are required
  • Manage the backlogs as an integral part of the requirements management process
  • Facilitate Agile reporting and information radiators
  • Conduct scrum sessions
  • Apply Agile to software development and to other project methodologies

Course Outline

Introduction to Agile
How it works
Tools and techniques
The Manifesto

The Scrum Agile Process
Product Backlog
Iteration / Sprint
Iteration Zero
Information management and Reporting

Roles and Responsibilities
The Agile team
The BA and Agile
Defining what constitutes “Done”

Agile Requirements and User Stories
Types of documentation
Agile requirement formats
Using models to enhance agile requirements
From requirements to user stories
Structure and characteristics
Building user stories
Requirements risk management
Requirements verification and validation
Documenting the acceptance criteria

Themes and Epics
Purpose and application
Development of epics, themes and user stories
Connecting use cases and user stories

Use Cases
Purpose and application
Use case modelling
Use case scenarios
Slicing the use cases
Use cases in sprints and releases
Calculate use case points

Team Demo
System Demo
Solution Demo

Additional BA Roles and Challenges
Feedback and Retrospect
Agile testing
Communication and stakeholder expectations management


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