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Open to Pharmacists in Prince Edward Island Only

Opioid Use Disorder: Integrating Knowledge into Person-centered Care

Successful completion of the Opioid Use Disorder: Integrating Knowledge into Person Centered Care program is a requirement for pharmacists applying for an Extended Practice Certification in Dispensing Methadone and Suboxone with the PEI College of Pharmacy. The Extended Practice Certification is required by all pharmacists involved in the provision of the treatment of opioid dependence in Prince Edward Island since April 1, 2016.

Planning Committee

Program Developed by:

  • Barbara Thomas, PharmD, FCSHP

Program Reviewed by:

  • Michelle Wyand, B.Sc. (Pharm)
  • Jennifer LaPierre, B.Sc. (Pharm)

Optimizing Opioid Dependence Treatment in PEI


Program expires: January 31, 2026

Course Outline


What You Will Learn

Learning Objectives

  • To know and understand the pathophysiology of substance dependence, the principles of addiction and the harm reduction strategies that are encouraged to increase not only the safety of individuals who use, but also the safety of our communities
  • To recognize the signs and symptoms of opioid intoxication, withdrawal and dependence
  • To know how to use treatments for opioid use disorders safely and effectively in the treatment of opioid dependence
  • To be able to apply the PEI College of Pharmacy Treatment of Opioid Agonist Dependence Practice Directives for Community Pharmacies to ensure optimal patient care delivery


Exam: You must achieve a grade of 70% to successfully complete this course.

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PEI Opioid Use Disorder: Integrating Knowledge into Person-centered Care
Online - Self-Paced
Feb 22, 2024 to Mar 31, 2025
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This program is open to Pharmacists in Prince Edward Island only.

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