Course Description

This course is 15 learning hours inclusive of 4-hours of interactive online facilitated sessions. It is recommended that learners spend approximately 3-hours per week on this course. 

In this course, participants will explore intentional approaches that foster more constructive and positive interactions with others including family, friends and co-workers. It will focus on mental health as a way of understanding its impact on others' behaviour and as well as fostering an empathic response to their situation. Learn how to reframe negative situations and realign them in a more constructive manner where possible.   

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Understanding Mental Health of Self and Others
  • Module 2: Communicating Positively
  • Module 3: Understanding the Role of Choice
  • Module 4: Dealing with Negative Situations

What You Will Learn

  • Evidence-based strategies and approaches aimed at creating more constructive and positive interactions with others
  • Conversational strategies that set the stage for more positive and successful interpersonal dynamics
  • Strategies to reframe negative situations and reorient them to more constructive outcomes
  • The role of purpose, meaning and values in shaping our interactions.  


If you have any questions about this course, please send an email to openlearning@dal.ca.


The two courses listed below are prerequisites as course materials and exercises in this course build upon prior learning in those courses. If enrolling in multiple courses at once, learners will receive a warning that prerequisites have not been met - please just click “ok” and continue.

Recommended For

  • This course will benefit anyone currently in a supervisory or leadership role, or those who aspire to such roles, who want to apply the principles of positive psychology to enhance their leadership skills.
  • While focused on the workplace, the skills gained can be beneficial in day-to-day living as well. The application of positive psychology techniques will empower and enable participants to meaningfully shape and influence their respective workplaces using a positive lens. This lens has been demonstrated to foster confidence, promote enthusiasm and broadens resilience.  

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Application of Positive Psychology Principles to Influence Others
Online - Self-Paced
Sep 09, 2024 to Oct 15, 2024
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7:00PM to 8:00PM
Sep 17, 2024 to Oct 08, 2024
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  • Online Campus - Atlantic Time
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Fee non-credit $795.00
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