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This certificate program introduces students to renewable energy, smart cities, and the clean technologies that are shaping the future. You will be introduced to wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, hydro as well as conventional energy systems such as coal, gas and nuclear power. Participants will learn how renewables work, where they can be deployed most effectively, and about the most promising renewable technologies under development. You will also gain an understanding of the economics of renewables, policy directions, and how renewables will integrate with smart grids and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is ideal for those who want to develop, manage, invest or simply improve their understanding of the rapidly evolving clean energy sector.

A wide variety of instructional techniques will be used to deliver this online program. Live instruction will be combined with interactive group assignments, discussion-forums, and exercises that promote the application of theory.

By completion of the certificate, you will be able to describe the mechanics of how power and heat are generated, financially evaluate and compare sustainable energy technologies and describe the major steps required to design, implement and manage your own sustainable energy project. You will also be qualified to write the Sustainable Energy Professional (SEP) exam as part of the Foundation Technologies Institute credentialing process.

If you are passionate about technology, innovation and climate change, this certificate is right for you.

Who should attend

  • Individuals who want to enhance their resume and marketability in the clean technology job market.
  • Industry executives interested in expanding their knowledge on the rapidly growing renewable energy sector.
  • Project managers, developers and investors interested in expanding their career or business with renewable energy.
  • It is recommended that participants have completed secondary school or equivalent, be proficient (to university level) in English. Between two to five years working experience is preferred but not required.

What you will learn

  • Participants will gain practical knowledge and skills to be able to:
  • Walk through every step required to design, implement and manage a sustainable energy project.
  • Recognize the most common and most innovative applications of energy in electricity, transportation, heat and buildings.
  • Understand the mechanics of how power and heat are generated and utilized.
  • Financially evaluate and compare sustainable energy technologies.
  • Understand barriers and incentives to implementation of renewable energy technologies.

Certificate Requirements

To enrol in this certificate, you can either select and pay for the bundle in advance or pay for each course. If you would like to pay for the courses individually, please register for any one of the three (3) required courses:

Please contact Julie Webb at 902-717-0793 or 1-800-565-8867 for more information.

It is highly recommended that participants complete the three modules in sequential order. The certificate is awarded after the completion of the three modules, including all quizzes and final exams. This represents approximately 108 hours of training which includes online sessions, home study, assignments and exam preparation. The participants must attain a minimum of 65% for each module and an aggregate average of at least 70% in the program.

Reference books (suggested, not required)

  • Fundamentals and Applications of Renewable Energy, Kanoglu et. al, 2020. Available through Amazon.
  • Renewable Energy Finance: Powering the Future , Donavan C., 2015. Available through Amazon.


Cameron Jones, MSc, is an energy professional with years of experience in renewable energy and climate change policy. He has worked for the Department of Energy and supported the U.K. Government with their energy transition plans. He has published papers and co-authored a book on low-carbon energy developments and is the recipient of multiple awards for his work in the field. This includes the Premier’s Public Service Award and the Gold Pinnacle Award which he received from the Minister of Energy for his work on Alberta’s Renewable Energy Plan.

Cameron was Vice President of the Young Professionals in Energy (YPE) association in Alberta, before relocating to Toronto where he is an active member of Toronto’s clean technology community. In addition to his energy background, Cameron is passionate about public speaking, entrepreneurship and environmental innovations. He recently helped launch the first drone-reforestation company in Canada and some of his work has been covered in Newsweek, Daily Mail, National Geographic and CBC.

Employment Prospects

The Renewable Energy Sector employed 11 million people in 2018, with employment numbers growing by close to one million every year (IRENA, Annual Review, 2019). The most common industries and employment fields seeking out renewable energy expertise include: Power Producers, Green Building Developers, Government Agencies (Energy, Infrastructure, Environment), Utility Companies, Energy Marketing Agencies, Investment Firms, Consulting Groups, Regulators, Financial Planning Groups, Consumer Mediation Groups, Auditing agencies.

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Program of study includes:

  • CCE-SETC0010: Energy Fundamentals (Module I)
  • CCE-SETC0011: Wind Energy Developers (Module II)
  • CCE-SETC0012: Solar Energy Developers (Module III)

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