CCE-ACAD0010 - Getting Started with AutoCAD 2017, AutoCAD Fundamentals and Basic Object Construction and Dynamic Input (Module I)
CCE-ACAD0011 - Orthographic & Multi- View Drawings, Basic Dimensions & Notes, and Section Views (Module II)
CCE-ACAD0012 - Blocks, Attributes & Xrefs, Templates and Plotting, and Introduction to Architectural Drawings (Module III)
CCE-BUSA0016 - ITIL V3 Foundation
CCE-CHEE0010 - Chemical Engineering and Process Plants (Module I)
CCE-CHEE0011 - Process Engineers’ Assets: Concepts, Skills, Deliverables, Codes & Standards (Module II)
CCE-CHEE0012 - Unit Operations, Process Units and Plant Design (Module III)
CCE-CHEE0013 - Health, Safety and Profitability of Process Plants (Module IV)
CCE-CONM0010 - Construction Industry & Practice / Professional Construction Management in Practice (Module I)
CCE-CONM0011 - Methods in Project Management (Module II)
CCE-CONM0012 - Project Closing and Integration and the Importance of Lessons Learned (Module III)
CCE-CTEE0010 - 2018 Canadian Electrical Code
CCE-CTEE0011 - Bid Processing & Effective Contract Management
CCE-CTEE0012 - Bridge Asset Management
CCE-CTEE0013 - Bridge Inspection
CCE-CTEE0014 - Competitive Tendering: Practical & Legal Perspectives
CCE-CTEE0015 - Concrete Repair & Protection: Getting it Right the Second Time
CCE-CTEE0016 - Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines
CCE-CTEE0017 - Canadian Construction Management Practices
CCE-CTEE0018 - Effective Grounding and Bonding: Correct Applications for Safe Electrical Installations
CCE-CTEE0019 - Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers
CCE-CTEE0020 - Electrical Equipment
CCE-CTEE0021 - Electrical Generators & Excitation Systems
CCE-CTEE0022 - Facilitation Skills for Technical Professionals
CCE-CTEE0024 - HVAC System: Design, Balancing & Selection
CCE-CTEE0025 - Heat Rate Optimization of Coal Power Plants
CCE-CTEE0026 - Maintenance, Inspection, Diagnostics, Testing, Troubleshooting, Refurbishment, Commissioning and Protective Systems for all Key Electrical Equipment
CCE-CTEE0027 - Marine Renewable Energy: Tidal Power
CCE-CTEE0028 - Masonry Restoration Projects: Case Studies
CCE-CTEE0029 - Mechanical Engineering for Non-Mechanical Engineers
CCE-CTEE0030 - Modern Concrete: Materials and Practices
CCE-CTEE0031 - NFPA Dust Compliance and Documentation
CCE-CTEE0032 - National Building Code of Canada: Applications of Part 3 including proposed changes to 2020 NBC
CCE-CTEE0033 - National Building Code Refresher
CCE-CTEE0035 - Power Generation: Gas Turbines, Co-Generation, Combined Cycle Plants, Wind Power Generation, and Solar Power
CCE-CTEE0036 - Practical Pump Technology: Selection, Applications, Operation, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance
CCE-CTEE0037 - Pumps, Valves, Actuators, Compressors, Motors and Variable Frequency Drives
CCE-CTEE0038 - Restoration, Preservation and Rehabilitation of Heritage and Older Masonry Structures
CCE-CTEE0039 - Steam Turbine Technology
CCE-CTEE0041 - Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers
CCE-CTEE0042 - Transformers: Selection, Applications, Operation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance
CCE-CTEE0043 - Ultra Supercritical Steam Power Plants
CCE-CTEE0044 - Uninterruptible Power Systems (IPS's), Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's) and Industrial Batteries
CCE-CTEE0045 - Wood Construction and NBC Part 9 for Housing and Small Buildings
CCE-CTEE0046 - Wood Dust Explosion Prevention
CCE-CTEE0047 - Negotiation Skills for Engineers
CCE-CTEE0048 - Indoor Air Quality
CCE-CTEE0050 - Plans Examination and Application of the NBC/NFC for Part 3 Buildings
CCE-CTEE0051 - Commissioning and Start up Activities of Coal Power Plants
CCE-CTEE0052 - Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers
CCE-CTEE0053 - Commissioning of Electrical Equipment
CCE-CTEE0054 - Basic Protection & Control (Module I)
CCE-CTEE0055 - Advanced Protection & Control (Module II)
CCE-CTEE0056 - Grid Power Systems - Telemetry & Evolution (Module III)
CCE-CTEE0057 - General Fundamentals of Energy Savings (Module I)
CCE-CTEE0058 - Energy Delivering Systems (Module II)
CCE-CTEE0059 - Energy Conservation and Saving Engineering (Module III)
CCE-CTEE0060 - Planning in a Manufacturing Environment (Module I)
CCE-CTEE0061 - Capacity and Material Planning and Production Control (Module II)
CCE-CTEE0062 - The Management of Supply Chain (Module III)
CCE-CTEE0063 - HVAC Basics (Module I)
CCE-CTEE0064 - Understanding HVAC (Module II)
CCE-CTEE0065 - Implementing HVAC (Module III)
CCE-CTEE0068 - Electrical Equipment (Module II)
CCE-CTEE0069 - Electrical Power Systems (Module III)
CCE-CTEE0070 - Engineering Design and Implementation (Module IV)
CCE-CTEE0071 - Introduction to Business Analysis
CCE-CTEE0072 - Mechanical Engineering Basics (Module I)
CCE-CTEE0073 - Material, Machines, Fuel and Power (Module II)
CCE-CTEE0074 - Transportation, Building and Rotating Equipment (Module III)
CCE-CTEE0075 - Manufacturing, Environment, Refrigeration, Cryogenics and Optics (Module IV)
CCE-CTEE0076 - Building Project Consensus
CCE-MANP0010 - Manufacturing – Fundamentals and Basics (Module I)
CCE-MANP0011 - Manufacturing – Intermediate Aspects (Module II)
CCE-MANP0012 - Manufacturing – Advanced Aspects (Module III)
CCE-MMAT0010 - Stresses and Strains (Module I)
CCE-MMAT0011 - Shear Stresses in Beams, Yield Criteria and Stress/Strain Transformations (Module II)
CCE-MMAT0012 - Beam Deflections, Columns and Energy (Module III)
CCE-RISK0013 - Enterprise Risk Management Essentials
CCE-RISK0014 - Insurance Bootcamp – Insurance Essentials for Non-Insurance Professionals
CCE-TWRT0010 - Grammar Tune-up (100% Online)
CCE-TWRT0011 - Persuasive Writing (100% Online)
CCE-TWRT0012 - Technical Writing Essentials (100% Online)
CCE-TWRT0013 - Project Management Documents (100% Online)
CCE-TWRT0014 - Writing Clear Technical Reports (100% Online)
CCE-TWRT0015 - Writing Emails that Get Results (100% Online)